Monday, February 17, 2014

The post about Family Day, Wally Lamb and compression clothing

Luigi and I get ready for a run! Not really. It's too
cold for Luigi right now:(

  • I have been pretty self absorbed the past couple of weeks. With work implementing the new ThinkPads, I am on-line (actually doing work) most of every day. My eyes are going wonky. I am waaaaaaaay behind on blog reading and commenting. To all my blog friends, I apologize. I've also been a bit down in the dumps. I think it has everything to do with the weather. I am so done with winter it is not even funny. And I am a worrier. I worry a lot about stuff that likely doesn't even need to be given a second thought. But that's what I do.
  • This was a long weekend in Ontario and some other provinces. In Ontario, it's called Family Day. We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. Hubby spent a lot of time tobogganing with the boy. I had a bunch of chores to do. Laundry, meal prep, grocery shopping. Not necessarily in that order. Same old, same old. I did get to see my GF Elin twice, yay:) Missed my Saturday run with Tanya, boo:( We're going bowling this evening because that's what Julien chose to do as a family today. Afterwards, I'm going to have coffee with Tanya. This may be the last time I see her before she heads off to Stockholm. Sigh:(
  • I am so annoyed with the people who have responded to my ad on Kijiji. I've posted an ad for my husband's bib for the Around the Bay 30K. I've had tons of replies, but every time someone says they'll take it, they don't follow through with the final transaction. Meanwhile I'm telling other interested parties that it is tentatively gone. I'm done holding it for anyone. Unless they commit to meet me the same day, I'm moving on to the next person. Rant over!

My runs from this weekend.

  • This weekend was a pretty good one running wise. I did 6K in the sun on Saturday, and 12K in the snow and cold on Sunday. It was a scale back week so my long run was only 12K. Fine by me. My legs were feeling the hills from Friday. Didn't mind the shorter run at all. And it was slippery because there was a dusting of snow which made it a slow run. 
  • I'm listening to We Are Water by Wally Lamb while I run. I liked the book at the beginning and was looking forward to running to listen to it. About 3/4 of the way in I started to get annoyed with the story line. I love Wally Lamb. I have never disliked a book he has written. I'm beginning to dislike this one. It has become predictable and I am annoyed by that because his books are never predictable. Although I liked the character building at the beginning and I was expecting something brilliant, I am underwhelmed by the way the book has turned out. That is very hard for me to say. Sorry Wally:(
  • I finally got my nails done on Saturday. I hadn't had them done in a month. My nail technician guy is very talented at what he does. He's also a man of few words. He rarely ever converses with me and on Saturday he looks me right in the eye and says, "So did you get any last night"? He was referring to Valentine's Day. WTF? I had to laugh because he totally caught me off guard. 

Left: March 2012 and 230 pounds.
Right: February 15, 2013 and 157 pounds.

  • It's no secret that I have body image issues. So I decided to compare myself from when I first started running (almost 2 years ago) to now. I didn't think I looked like my photo on the right. That's not how I envision myself. And I have to admit that I look better than how I see myself. I will say this, I wish I could wear compression clothing all the time. It just smooths everything out.  Something blatantly obvious in both the picture above (right side) and the top picture with Luigi? I have no boobs! Zero! Am I disappointed by this? Nope. Makes it much better for running:)
  • I made a kick ass home made rib sauce. It's Paleo. I'm eating the ribs later. I'll see what the final product tastes like. If it's as good as I think, I'll share the recipe. And for the commenter who asked a few blogs back, here is the recipe for the Paleo banana bread.
  • I'm off to play UNO with the hubby and boy now. Family day festivities call. I hope you're having an awesome morning, afternoon, evening or night where ever in the world you happen to be:)