Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catch up

With all my family strife over the past few weeks, work got a little neglected.  I'm having to play catch-up now and get back into the swing of doing the magic I do for my clients.  I always have extreme feelings of guilt when I don't do my job to my full potential.  After all, my actions at work affect others more than they affect me.  Therefore, I spent this week seeing some youth I haven't seen in a while and I'm finally getting back into my regular schedule.  I always rest easier when things are planned out the way they should be and I see my kids regularly.

I'm VERY excited because I'm spending some time this weekend with friends and I'm going to relax and let loose:)  That's right! I'm going on phase 2 of Dr. Poon's diet and I'm going to enjoy some wine.  I get weighed at my family doctor on the 23rd and if my weight-loss number is not as big as I'm used to, I'm okay with that.  I've worked pretty hard up till now and I need to relax once in a while.  I'll get myself back on track again.  It took me a long time to gain 130 pounds, so it can take me a while to lose it too.  I'm not going anywhere and I'm not in a race against any clock.

My will power is still strong.  Yesterday I was on treats for my team meeting and I made two loaves of chocolate chip walnut banana bread.  And didn't eat any of it.  My poor team, I plied them with all my Christmas baking an got rid of all the sugar treats from my house.  Although I'm in no danger of eating them, I kept them in the freezer in order to keep them from my hubby.  He does not need to snack on that stuff either.  He's not obese, but complains about needing to lose the same 20 pounds over and over.  It's getting old and I just wish he'd do something about it already.  If he went on my diet for a month, he'd likely be done!  But he can't give up his carbs or his snacking at night!  Men are such whiners!

I'm on a mission to do some new recipes this weekend.  I'm getting a bit bored with what I'm eating and need to take it up a notch.  By eating the same things all the time, I think my body is not working, metabolically, to it's fullest potential.  I'm looking forward to beginning my running clinic with Enz in a few weeks.  If my metabolism hasn't kick started by then, running will certainly start it up again.
I absolutely LOVE banana bread.  Definitely something I miss most:(