Monday, February 20, 2012

La famiglia day

Today was Family Day in Ontario.  A statutory holiday that encourages us to spend more time with family.  My hubby, son, dog and I took an hour and a half walk this afternoon.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and I really enjoyed getting out of the house with the boy (who can always use exercise), and the mutt (who needs regular exercise).  And of course me, who requires as much exercise as I can handle.
This is me and my dog, Finn.  We're watching Julien on the jungle gym.
 Although Jules walked part of the way and burned off some energy at the jungle gym, I got the biggest workout because I pulled his 55 pound body throughout downtown Hamilton in his red wagon.  When we were about a kilometer from home, Julien complained he was tired and didn't want to take a long walk any more.  Really?  It was me who pulled him all over the place!  Oh well, the important thing is that we were spending time together and doing something other than sitting in front of the TV.

My husband was looking at me today and asked how much weight I've lost.  I haven't weighed myself since I was weighed at the clinic more than two weeks ago.  I get weighed at my family doctor on Thursday afternoon, so I will report then.  So as far as I know, I'm still at 60 pounds lost.  He claims that I look like I have lost weight my boobs!  My mother-in-law actually said the same thing to me back at Christmas.  Do I mind losing weight in my chest?  Nope.  When I was in high school, I was a B-cup.  I've never been terribly big chested.  Even being plus-sized, I was never bigger than a C.  Not even when I was pregnant and later when I was nursing.  And I'm definitely okay with that.  My husband may not agree, but I'm okay with losing as much weight as possible in my chest!

I have noticed changes in my body that excite me.  I can now comfortably wear my wedding band.  In fact, it is getting loose on me.  When I got married, I was 60 pounds bigger.  In an attempt to not have to admit that I needed a bigger ring size than the samples, I ordered my ring a couple of sizes too small.  I think it's a nine.  I wore it on my wedding day, then took it off and only started wearing it again since Christmas.  This is a big change because it easily slides on and off, and no longer cuts off my circulation.
A perfect fit:)
My collar bones are also sticking out quite prominently.  I haven't seen those for a good 11 years!  I also noticed that I have bony shoulders and I can feel my pelvic bones.  I can also feel the ribs under my breasts.  I still have a ways to go, but it is exciting to feel changes in my body.  I still have horrible areas that right now, I'm convinced, will never improve.  Those will likely always be my controversial areas that will never make me happy.  My upper arms and upper thighs, my abdomen.

I've read on a few blogs about people worrying about loose skin and thinking about surgery after they've finished losing weight.  I respect anyone's decision to do what they need to in order to feel better about themselves.  I've also thought about this and the jury's still out for me.  I don't think I could make that decision until I'm in that place and have reached my weight-loss goal.  That being said though, I loved my imperfect over weight body, so I may just love my imperfect health weight body too.  Only time will tell.