Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday night ramblings

I'm just doing a quick check-in.  I don't know if I have writer's block going on or what.  I can't think of a thing to share right now.  I'm looking forward to running next Friday with Enz...I'm back full force on Phase One of Dr. Poon's diet...But you already know all that.

I'm hungry right now, but fighting the urge to eat something.  Actually, let's explore that a bit more.  I'm not hungry (I ate grilled Salmon with broccoli and salad for dinner), I ate plenty for dinner, maybe I'm just feeling snacky.  It's 10:30pm, so I'm certainly not eating now.  Perhaps I'll drink a couple glasses of water instead.

Argh!  What's going on with me?  I usually can't shut up and right now I feel like a run-on sentence.  I've spent the evening reading blogs and I did not feel inclined to comment on many.  Not usually like me.  Am I going through blog block?  Maybe I'm having an off week for blogging.  I'm struggling to write here.  I think I'll go to bed and read some of my trashy romance novel.  I'm sure the Earl and Governess have some saucy hi-jinx and of course the ever present misunderstanding that will entertain me.

This is how I feel right now:
Seriously wouldn't be anywhere near a rat though...
On that silly note, I'm going to remember my diet and go to bed feeling like I want to snack, but I'm not going to do anything about it.  So in the words of German electronic music group Snap, I've got "the power":)