Friday, February 24, 2012

Phase two follies

Well I went to see my family doctor yesterday for my weigh-in.  I was one day shy of not being weighed for three weeks.  That is a LONG time.  Over the last three weeks, I have lost a whopping....drum roll pound.  That's right, I said one pound.  I know, I know.  What happened to my 5 pounds every two weeks record.  I kept that up for a while.

Well I take full responsibility since I know exactly what I have done over the last few weeks.  I had a drinking evening with friends, I've been eating a lot phase 2 veggies (and not following the serving size restrictions) and I've also eaten more phase 2 carby stuff, and some phase 2 snacky things.  And most importantly, I stopped keeping a food journal for a couple of weeks.

I never full out cheated (meaning that I still have not had any processed carbs or sugar), but that's not the point.  I lost a bit of momentum and maybe I needed a bit of break.  Even though nothing like bread or pasta or rice or sweets or chips or anything like that has touched my lips, I have been sloppy with my diet.  And even though on phase 2 I'm allowed 8oz of wine in one day, on my drinking night, I had like 48oz!!!!!!  Yeah, I went a bit overboard, but I'm also exaggerating on the 48oz:)

So am I upset?  Nope.  Not even a bit.  I think I needed a bit of room to wiggle and now I'm good to go back onto strict phase 1 again.  I'm getting weighed in less than two weeks and I want to see the scale go down.  In two weeks today, I start the learn to run clinic with Enz.  I'm soooooooo excited.  We're also looking to sign up for gentle yoga with the local Parks and Rec.  So I really need to get my butt moving, and that will also help with the weight-loss.  On a positive note, I still do the stairs all the time!
I really hope that this is my yoga instructor...

I think I was getting lazy (and bored) with my meals and was making the same things over and over.  I have a bunch of new recipes to check out and I will start posting recipes again.  I was going to try some out this weekend, but new recipes will be delayed one more week because my hubby is away for the weekend and I have to keep the boy entertained.  So in order to get my weight-loss back on track, I have started back on strict phase 1 again, and I'm keeping my food journal again.  In a couple of weeks, I'll also be running three times a week.  I'm looking forward to seeing the changes once again!