Sunday, February 12, 2012

The weight

We had a pretty busy weekend.  And I inadvertently began Phase 2 of Dr. Poon's diet.  We went for dinner to a friend's house and there really weren't any Phase 1 friendly foods for me to eat.  So in order to not be rude and difficult, I ate Phase 2 foods...and ribs, that aren't on any phase:)  Oh well, they were delicious!  I carried my Phase 2 eating onto today and ate a chicken soup with cooking onion and carrots in it.  Even though I'm allowed these foods on Phase 2, I still feel like I'm cheating.  I'm feeling a little discombobulated and will be returning to Phase 1 tomorrow.

I don't know why I'm so afraid to move onto the next phase of this diet.  It allows for more carb (through veggies and nuts etc.) which should be a good thing.  I think that because I'm such a carb addict, I'm scared that I can easily fall off the wagon.  This is definitely something I have to work on, because I can't eat the way I do for the rest of my life and will have to learn to live in peace and harmony with carbs.  Can carbs be my friend one day?  I'm not feeling too confident of that right now.

I also cancelled my next appointment with Dr. Stephen.  It was scheduled for this coming Friday, and due to scheduling difficulties, I cancelled.  I would have had to drive and hour away, only to drive right back home because I'm not working on Friday.  I have a parent observation day at my son's school.  I do have an appointment booked with my family doctor the following week, and that is when I will weigh-in.  So there will be no weigh-in until the 23rd of February.  Seems like a long way off, but since I'm not moving with the clinic I go to, I have no choice but to get my family doctor to monitor me.  S'all good though.  I'm just going to focus on eating well and keeping my food journal.  I can wait, and all will be right with the world again!

Here's a dose of Sunday cuteness:)