Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are those skinny jeans you're wearing?

My first ever pair of
skinny jeans!

Why, yes they are.  Thank you for noticing.  I could have cried this morning.  I went to Value Village (thrift store) on Thursday, spent $150.00, and got an entire fall/winter wardrobe.  Love that place.  Where else can you buy Banana Republic khakis, and a Banana Republic button shirt that look just like new for $15?  Value Village, that's where!  Anyway, I easily get off topic.  I also got a pair of very low rise skinny jeans from Old Navy...and they fit like a dream.  No muffin top or anything!  All pants size 12, all tops size large (for more fitted ones) and medium.  I actually almost, ALMOST look skinny in my skinny jeans!

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my lifestyle change.  I would give you an actual number of pounds lost, but I'm going for my official weigh-in on I'm waiting till then to see where I am. I'm bummed I won't be seeing Dr. Stephen ('cos he doesn't work Wednesdays), but next time.  I'm going back to my every two week weigh-in starting on the 19th.  I'm back and forth to Peterborough every two weeks again, so I can book all my appointments in advance.  I did fine over the summer on my own, but I still like the routine of having official weigh-ins, as well as the accountability.  I'm hoping to get my "at goal" certificate by Christmas.  It would be the best Christmas present I could get!

Yesterday morning I ran my first 10k.  I upped my mileage significantly this week.  I ran 36k and burned just over 3000 calories.  That's up from 32k last week and a burn of 2670 calories.  That is of course not counting the calories I burn from walking Finn 6k about 5x per week, and the swimming calories.  I'm not too sure how much I burn swimming.  It's more recreational and while my hubby and I swap off minding the boy to get some laps in, I only do about 20 minutes of laps per pool session.  It's hard to say...OK, I just looked it up.  I burn 109 calories by swimming for 20 minutes.  That blows!  Running is a much more efficient calorie burner!

Contigo travel mugs.

I have a very horrific story to share.  I wasn't going to ever speak of this...but I feel like I need to share my trauma because so many people could run into the same ghastly experience I have. Lots of people have these coffee travel mugs from Costco.  I used mine every day for my drive to work. I'd finish my coffee on the way to work, bring it in the house with me when I got home, and hand wash it for the following morning.  Every weekend, it got put in the dishwasher.  A couple of times I had to get goopy sludge stuff out of the lid with a skewer.  It was gross, but would build up over time.   The one thing I didn't like about the mug was it was next to impossible to clean the lid properly.

So a couple of days ago I'm driving to work and drinking away.  I'm about 45 minutes into my commute.  I can feel things falling on my upper lip every time I take a swig of coffee.  I put the mug into my cup holder, and notice something moving on the top.  I take a closer look to discover...MAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!  That's right folks, I was drinking maggots.  What was my reaction? Well, I didn't lose control of the wheel as expected. I simply shrugged, put the mug in the back seat holder after killing all live maggots I could see (about 3), drove to work, came home, told my husband that I was no longer drinking out of that travel mug and threw both that we owned out.  I was mortified, but could do nothing about it while driving 120k per hour.  Instead I talked myself through the horror and convinced myself it was all good because I got an extra boost of protein first thing in the morning.  I believe the added protein helped, for some strange reason, I had no appetite all day!