Thursday, September 20, 2012

Automobile tire for sale!

I had my weigh-in at Dr. Poon's clinic yesterday and I was a tad anxious.  I had to weigh-in at 2:30pm...the only time I could stop in at the clinic.  I was anxious for nothing!  Since July 9th, I lost 17 pounds of fat, but 16 pounds of body weight because I was retaining 1 pound of water.  Which brings my total weight lost to 110 pounds.  Only 20 more to go!!!!!! The equivalent of an automobile tire:)

I cannot believe that I am 20 pounds away from goal.  I am 20 pounds over weight.  I am no longer obese.  My BMI has gone from 45 to 28. Once it gets to 25, I get my certificate!  I know, I know. It's just a piece of paper.  True.  But it's a piece of paper I worked my butt off for.  I don't have either my degree or my diploma framed, but I do believe I will frame my certificate from Dr. Poon.  I saw Dr. Marmina yesterday and he said that he doesn't think they give the certificates out anymore.  I asked, and he agreed, that they would find one for me:)

I have to share my latest thrift store find.  I stumbled upon this gem at Value Village on Monday. It's a leather jacket from Nine West in pristine condition.  It fits me like a glove and I paid $34.99 for it.  A steal!  I wear it a little too much around the house.  I've never owned anything so beautiful before...except maybe my Sami bracelet.  It's something else that makes me feel pretty.

This outfit cost about $50...
leather jacket included!
The back.
There's the 20 lbs. Erin:)

Thrift store shopping is time consuming.  I can spend an hour in a store and only come out with a couple of things.  Really nice things though that only cost me $10.  I got a great leather belt and a Calvin Klein t-shirt bra with the original sales tags still attached.  Which reminds me.  My mammaries are just a memory.  One area in which I have probably lost the most weight would be my bust!

My husband complained once and I said, "would you rather I gain back 100 pounds so my boobs will be bigger?"  He never mentioned it again.  I personally don't miss my bigger bust in the least.  I can finally wear bras that have thin straps and only 2 clasps in the back.  My new bras are tiny compared to the HUGE industrial bras I used to wear.  And the straps and under wire would chafe me.  No more.  I went from a plus sized 46 D cup to a regular 36/38 B cup.  Depressing? Not even a little bit.  

As the days are getting shorter, I'm going to have to start running in the dark.  Not sure how I feel about that.    When I took the Learn to Run clinic back in March, I ran in the dark a lot.  But I was also with a group.  I run by myself most of the time now.  It doesn't start getting light until 6:30 am. Clearly I cannot do long runs during the week.  I have to be back home and in the shower by 7:30. So I'm reluctantly going to have to start running on city streets.  Something I have been able to avoid since I took up running.  But I have to do what I have to do.  Not running is not an option for me.