Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I want to be a "haute mess"

I have admittedly become a thrift shop whore.  I can't help myself.  I needed Fall boots and was looking in stores and on-line for styles that I liked.  Synthetic "man made" material boots cost a minimum of $79.99. Any pair that I liked anyway.  I figured I'd have to go with the fake leather kind, because I can't afford real leather boots.  For the time being, we're a single income family.  So I went thrifting and found not one, but THREE pairs of REAL leather boots that are very gently worn for $27.97.  That's $27.97 for all three pairs!  For that price, I love all three!

Don't forget, I also scored that great leather Nine West jacket (for $34.99 in mint condition).  She got lots of compliments yesterday.  I really, really love that jacket!  Just a quick reminder in case you forgot what she looks like (see below).  So if you think about it...all these things retail priced would have cost a minimum of $500.00.  I'm pricing each pair of boots at a hundred and the jacket at two hundred even though they likely cost more. I paid $62.96 plus tax for everything.  I also scored a pair of leather Naturalizer shoes.  Judge all you want.  They're super comfortable, a black loaferish style and only cost me $4.99.  They also would have retailed for around $100.  I think of my mother when I think of Naturalizer...but I got compliments on the shoes too!

Isn't she pretty?

Losing weight can be a very expensive undertaking.  Not because losing weight costs more money (ie: healthy food...which btw, healthy food does not cost more), but because replacing your wardrobe every few months can be pricey.  Prior to losing weight, I never stepped inside of a thrift store.  I will admit I was a snob to the whole process of thrift.  Now that I have had a taste of all the beautiful things I can buy for a fraction of what I would pay retail, I'm hooked.  I can't afford designer boots and jackets if I have to pay retail.  I also would never be able to afford things like Calvin Klein or Victoria Secret bras.  I find these things with the original sales tags still on them for $3 - $5 bucks a pop.  So not only do I wear designer leather products...but I can wear designer underwear too!

I only purchase bras with the original sales tags still attached (which means someone purchased it, never wore it, then donated it).  I don't understand why they have a used underwear (panties, girdles) or swimsuit section.  That's just a little too ick for me.  I vowed to buy thrift until I reached my goal weight, but I hate to spend more money than I need to.  True, it is time consuming (at least an hour per shopping session), but when I leave with expensive brands of clothing that barely look worn, I feel like a million bucks!  I'm a bit hooked and I know I'll continue to shop thrift even after I reach goal. I'm dreaming of a brown leather Browns bag that I left behind over the weekend.  I may have to go back this weekend.  If it's still there, then it's meant for me to buy.  I could truly kick myself.  It was only $7.99.

Yesterday marked the completion of my first Learn to Run clinic that I co-taught with Beverly.  We had six participants to begin with.  One completed the clinic, two got injured during the clinic (old injuries that began acting up), two just stopped coming a few weeks ago, and one who joined after running with me during a practice session, plopped down her non-refundable $80, and never came back!  Strange that.  She also never responded to any of the emails I sent her asking if she was ok...no matter, I still get paid!  Beverly and I are teaming up again next Monday to teach the next Learn to Run session which will bring us to the beginning of December.  Man time is just flying by right now.  In no time at all I'll be at goal...then the real work begins.

Maintenance is an exciting and scary prospect.  I'm excited to have finally accomplished what I set out to do, but scared I'm going to mess up.  I can't mess up...that's not an option for me.  Just like not running is not an option for me.  I get asked all the time if once I reach goal, will I stop running and eat "normal" again.  What these people don't realize is that the way I eat now, and the distance I run every week (I'm up to 36k), is my  normal.  They look at me all strange and confused like, when I say that I will have to keep up my current lifestyle for the rest of my life.  I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if I stop eating healthy and running, I'll regain everything I lost, and then some.

When I become a marathon runner, and I can't run marathons anymore, I'll become a marathon walker.  Processed carbs and sugar will never be able to make their way back into my life, and I'm ok with that.  I actually love that I eat whole foods that I purchase from the grocery store.  I rarely eat anything processed anymore (except for my treats on weigh-in day).  I've never felt better, have great digestion, and tons of energy.  I can't give up that feeling for fleeting indulgences, or binges.  But that's a whole different post for another day!