Sunday, September 2, 2012

Compression comparison

The month of August was a great month as far as exercise went.  Check out my calendar.  I only went two days without doing any physical activity.  And maybe the 28th doesn't count as a no physical activity day.  I disassembled my camp sight, packed up, came home, unpacked get the idea.  I tried to get some form of physical activity in every day...even if it was a really short run, or walking the dog.  Don't fret, on days that I couldn't walk him, Finn was walked by my husband.

Eating this month has been good, but my water intake, not as much as I drink when I am working. Being on vacation has made me very lax in the liquids department.  That and I'm anxious about a couple of things going on in my life right now and I'm not eating as regularly as I should.  From past experience, when I have not eaten proper meals, my weight-loss slows right down.  I don't feel any different, and since I'm not weighing until next weekend (unless I set up a clinic appointment this week), we'll just have to wait and see.  I always say that though, and usually end up losing in the end.  Something I noticed about this diet is that when I used to weigh myself VERY regularly, I could stay the same weight for weeks, then suddenly drop 8 pounds in a week.  It's happened a few times.  That is why I don't weigh myself regularly anymore.  As long as I know I'm on plan, I know everything will work out in the end.

I'm a really visual person and I know that I am also my worst critic.  I look at myself in the mirror and I don't see someone who has lost 100+ pounds.  I see all my problem areas and things that I still need to improve on.  I compared a picture from April to one taken last month and I have to admit that yes, I can definitely see the difference.  There is about a 40 pound difference.


The photo on the left was taken April 11th, the photo on the right was taken August 19th.  Back in April, I had only been running for about a month and my weight-loss was slowing down.  I started to run and it kick started everything again.  I thought I looked decent in my compression wear in April, not so much right now.  I also think I look pretty good in my compression wear in August.  I can't wait until December to see if I still feel the same.

I've gotten several Facebook friend requests from followers and others who read my blog via support groups on Facebook.  I'm flattered that people want to "friend" me.  I must respectfully decline any Facebook friend requests that I get.  I feel bad about this, but my Facebook profile is something that I need to keep private out of respect for my extended family.  I've also mentioned that I was adopted and I need to respect my birth family's privacy as well.  I hope everyone understands that I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful, and I sincerely hope I haven't offended anyone.  I just need to have one area in my life where I can maintain some sort of privacy for those that are closest to me.  Peace, love and unity:)