Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another post about my weak ass

So last night was my physio assessment.  I was VERY nervous going in because I pictured the physiotherapist, Graham, telling me that I had to stop running.  I'm a glass half empty kinda gal. He told me he wasn't going to tell me to rest because he knew I wouldn't, so he agreed to work with me through my injury and help me get into tip top shape for my half marathon in 4.5 weeks. Four-and-a-half freaking weeks!  That seems very close now.  And then a few weeks after that is the Around the Bay relay.  Lots of racing going on!

Anyway, back to physio.  So Graham reconfirmed what I already knew.  I not only have a flabby ass, but a pitifully weak one as well.  My issues with my hamstring, and crampy toes have to do with a weak lower back and even weaker glutes.  Everything is connected.  He did some testing on me that confirmed his theories.  Now I am exercising daily with some back and butt strengtheners. They are easy enough exercises, but annoying.  I will do them though if it means I can continue to run.  And I look forward to eventually running pain free!

Funny how priorities change in your life.  A year and a half ago, I wouldn't have cared an iota about doing any kind of exercise to strengthen an area I just wanted to sit around on all day.  Now?  I'm doing everything I can so that I won't be sitting around on my ass.  I am also proud to report that after my early morning run today, I stretched my hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors.  That's right. The non-stretcher stretched.  I'm not gonna lie though.  The hamstring that has been bugging me has been aching all day.  More than usual.  See!  Stretching is BAD!  It's not really.  Stretching is just sticking it to me because I neglected it for so long.  Serves me right!

I'm back to see Graham tomorrow and Friday.  Then he wants to see me three more times next week and a couple of times the week after before we move onto weekly appointments.  Thank goodness for excellent work benefits!  I currently have a muscle knot in my calf that has to be worked on Thursday when I see my massage therapist.  I know it's a knot because it feels just like the one I had in my quad a couple of times.  I can't roll it myself because my calf is too fat.  I need someone who is not me to work it out.  My husband is still sick and has declined:(

I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me emails, messages and comments regarding, well, everything and anything!  I have been lax this past week in commenting on blogs myself.  The problem is that I read many blogs while I'm out and about on my android.  It is very hard to leave comments using the android, and forget about having to do a captcha on an android.  I never get them right!  I will get back to leaving comments again when I read through my blog list tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder about comments and comment etiquette.  I don't respond to every comment I get.  I do however try respond to every direct question in a comment, and I respond to every email I get.  I wish I was more on top of things and responded to every comment.  It's always nice when other blog writers respond to comments I leave!

Looking more like me!

I'm very proud of myself.  I really listened to what Kristjan taught me about styling my hair last week and I can actually make a decent go of blow drying my hair all by myself.  Just like a big girl! The key component to styling my hair is the brush I use.  Since I won't ever have the $150 boar bristle brush Kristjan has, I opted for a similar brush in my price range.  The same style, but a fraction of the price.  It cost a whopping $8.99 and it is purple.  A quick sale for me.  It really does make a huge difference when I blow dry my hair.  Makes everything straight and smooth.  And it works the arms out real good.  It won't eliminate the bat wings for sure, but every little bit helps! The only thing that sucks is I have to actually spend time on my hair in the morning now.  No more air drying my hair or my bangs will go wonky.  Not good!  And although I didn't ask him, I'm pretty certain Kristjan will decline my request of daily hair styling sessions in my home at 6:30am. After all, he'd have to come to Hamilton.   And I wouldn't be able to pay him.  I would however provide unlimited coffee.  And not in a fancy Keurig brewing system with flavored coffees either.  My house rocks the old style drip brew coffee maker.  Tempting proposition for anyone I'm sure!

It's only Tuesday and I'm already beat.  I have NINE hills to run tomorrow evening and a physio appointment, a Speed training clinic, an 8K run and a massage on Thursday, physio on Friday, a 6K run on Saturday, and an 18K on Sunday.  Oh, and I'm working all week too.  Almost forgot about the full-time job, and how could I?  It's the most demanding aspect of my life this week, and next, and the week after that.  I wish I could just have running and sports injury appointments as my full-time job.  Then maybe I wouldn't be so run down by Tuesday evening.  But I don't know where I would get paid to do that.  That could be my dream job.  Professional trainee for half marathons and muscle builder of weak asses.  It's got exist somewhere no?  If you happen to find an ad, pleases send me the link.  But only if benefits are included in the salary and I have access to a Keurig brewing system.