Thursday, January 10, 2013

The post about weak glutes, diabetic cats and dirty girls

LOVE Instagram.  I don't look as old and sallow as I usually do.

I went on Instagram today.  I'm really not sure what it is.  Twitter with pictures?  It only took seconds to set up on my android.  And I have to admit, it makes me look pretty good.  All my wrinkles and facial flaws gone!  Almost like I was air brushed.  Why did I not know about this miracle app earlier?  I saw Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook, but wasn't sure what it was or how to do it.  I tell you, I'm becoming more internet savvy by the day.  Thank God I have young, hip clients who keep me in the know.  Sadly I learned today that it's not considered "cool" to have a blog among the younger crowd.  Who knew?  I guess I'll just have to act my age.  I'm on Blogger, FB, Twitter and Instagram.  Three out of four ain't too shabby.  My client did tell me that I should just lose the blog.  Said it sounded like too much work:)  Ah kids!  What do they know?

Wednesdays are my most dreaded running day of the week.  We did 6 hill repeats yesterday.  My gal Monica told me that the hill loop we run is actually 1K.  So all in all, I ended up running just over 8K.  My IT band was still a little sore, but the more I ran, the more it loosened up.  I rolled it once I got home, but woke up sore today.  I'm debating about whether or not to go for a full movement assessment.  I know that I have weak glutes and my balance is pitiful.  I'm surprised I can even stay upright.  I know of a couple of people who have come in and lectured at the Running Room who do these assessments.  It will make me a better runner, so I'm thinking that I will definitely benefit from it.

Today's clinic talk was about Bio-mechanics and Runner's Knee.  I don't think I have runners knee, but I know that my alignment's off.  Goes back to my bad balance.  I definitely need to do some exercises to strengthen my glutes, quads and my core overall.  Today's speaker is a pilates instructor, so that is an option.  Yoga was something I enjoyed but just don't have the time for now. I need to make time somehow, but running 5 days a week and adding a day or two of yoga would keep me from home way too much.  I also commute which takes a big chunk out of my day.  I'm definitely going to look into Wii yoga.  At least it's something.  Who am I kidding?  Unsupervised Yoga?  I will surely break myself.  That's how I pulled my IT band in the first place!  I wasn't being supervised properly.

My lunch from Mr. Greek.  I love Greek food!
What I did not eat for lunch.  This was taken just
 before I left.  My client ate 2 pieces of bread.

Today's food was super boring.  I don't really care, but I basically ate the same thing all day long.  I ate hard boiled eggs for breakfast, chicken Greek salad for lunch, an apple and mini Clif bar for my before run snack, a chicken Greek salad for dinner and an orange.  My dinner salad was HUGE and extremely filling.  I definitely didn't drink enough water today, or this week in general.  I've been on the road most of the week and I tend to drink less when I'm in my car all day.  I hate having to use the bathroom at gas stations so much.  Just an excuse and not a good reason to slack on my water intake!  Runners need lots and lots of water.  Actually everybody does, not just runners. Well, with the exception of camels and most cats.  I say that because my small cat never drinks water, but my obese cat drinks a lot.  Diabetic perhaps?

A short boring post.  Not much to share from the last two days.  See how mundane and boring my life is?  I'm surprised I have 72 followers on Twitter already.  Although truth be told most of them follow me because I followed them first. Oh, and to all the dirty girls who follow me and I then have to block, Poonapalooza does not mean what you think it does.  Now go put some clothes on before you mother sees you!