Thursday, January 3, 2013

Runners they do get weary

I am feeling weary!  I just finished my 5th day in a row of running and my body is in need of a rest day.  I ran 40K over the last 5 days and did some serious hill repeats yesterday.  Maybe I need 2 days rest.  Sunday is my long run, and it will be my longest run to date.  14K I think.

It has been a busy couple of days.  I'm back to work and even though I like that the traffic has been very light because lots of people are still off on vacation, I have tons of paperwork to catch up on. Tomorrow is strictly a paper day in the office.  Hate those days:(

Check out what I found under my bed.  An old pair of pants I wore at my heaviest.  Size 24 Addition Elle black jeans.  I've done the old skinny pants on fat pants comparison   Holy Hanna!  I can't believe that I used to squeeze into those babies!

Size 10 American Eagle jeans on top of size 24 Addition Elle jeans.

I also found a HORRIBLE before picture of myself that I nabbed off of my girlfriend Nokomis's Facebook page.  This was taken at one of her family's barbecues about six years ago.  I was pregnant here, but you can't even tell.  I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures below.  I truly don't look any less pregnant in the picture on the right than I do from the picture on the left.  Maybe I look more pregnant...even though I wasn't.  I'll say this again.  My mother must have been guiding me from Heaven because it's a miracle I had a problem free pregnancy!

Pregnant here...
Not pregnant here.

I ended up making a big turkey dinner for New Years Day.  I love turkey.  And although I ate some at Christmas, I didn't really get my fill.  So now I am officially full of turkey...until I make soup next weekend with the frozen carcass.  This is pretty much what I have been eating over the past few days.  It was really yummy and I love rutabaga and sweet potato mash.  The best stuff out there!

From nine o'clock, clockwise...turkey, green beans with pepper flakes and
garlic, rutabaga and sweet potato mash, squash, cumin carrots.

Tonight my butt is sore.  Or maybe it's my hamstrings.  No doubt from doing the five hill repeats yesterday.  I need a good stretching.  I see my massage dude next Friday and I'm looking forward to being manually stretched, and maybe my quads need stripping again.  We did a quick yoga class before our run tonight and I may have actually pulled something while doing the pigeon pose. I like yoga, but tonight's quick class was a bit too rushed for my taste.  I wasn't doing any of the stretches properly because the instructor moved on too quickly before I could work on my form.

I was chatting with some co-workers today about my lifestyle.  I mentioned how I have never felt better in my life and I actually feel good almost all the time (except for the odd ache and pain from running).  I never have digestive problems and because I'm so regimented with my eating, it's much easier to resist temptation.  I went from almost 300 pounds to 167ish (I go in for my maintenance weigh-in on the 14th, but my pants are getting lose again).  I also went from being completely sedentary to a pretty avid runner with the resting heart-rate of an athlete.  I still wonder how in the hell I did this!  Trust me, if I can do this anyone can.  And now that I'm here, I can't ever imagine going back to the way I was.  There's no food on earth that tastes better than how I feel! And did I mention that I love running?