Thursday, January 17, 2013

The post where I need physiotherapy, as well as regular therapy

After the 7.3K tonight.

It's a snowy night here in Southern Ontario.  Snow made for a tricky run tonight.  I ran 7.3k with my half marathon clinic.  It was real pretty to run while it snowed, but I slipped real good a couple of times.  Didn't go down though.  I have to finally admit that I need help.  The piriformis muscle, glute, hamstring, IT band or what ever the heck I pulled a couple of weeks ago while doing yoga has not gotten better.  It hasn't gotten worse, but certainly not better either.  It hurts the most when I first start running, then turns into a dull ache.  It has definitely affected my performance as my pace has gone down. I will be calling a physiotherapist tomorrow and making an appointment.  I have to take care of it now before I do some real damage.  Not an option for me.  I have a half marathon to run six weeks!

Last night was hills.  I dread Wednesday night runs, but once I'm running and doing the hills, I feel great.  Real strong and pumped.  We did seven hills last night and I thought I was done after five. Then I got a second wind on my sixth hill and the seventh hill almost felt easy.  I know I can definitely do eight next Wednesday.  Not looking forward to it already though!  Hills really help to build your endurance.  Doing the 7.3K tonight was a nice recovery run.   I completed the run in 48:22 with a 6:41 pace.  Slower than I have been because of my injury, but only 44 seconds slower than my time for the 5.6K Inspiration Run I did back on June 23rd.  That's the kind of progress I like to see.  Almost running a whole 2 kilometers more in relatively the same amount of time, give or take a minute.

Eating has been the same.   Still eating the same boring stuff.   Again, I do not care if I eat the same stuff over and over.  I did incorporate some dairy back into my diet but don't like how it makes me gassy.  So I've cut it out once again.  I'm prepared to stick to what I know works best for me.  The lean protein, veggies (minus white potatoes), and fruit.  Also some almonds thrown in once in a while.  I've stopped buying them in bulk amounts because I was popping them like candy and it was getting out of hand.  Although I eat protein and veggies until I'm full, I cannot eat unlimited amounts of almonds.  I'm nuts enough as it is.

After my weigh-in on Monday, I bought a bag of deliciousness (aka Fruit and Nut Clusters) from the Ontario Nutrition Store.  That was going to be my weigh-in treat.  It was too big a serving to eat all at once.  Big mistake.  All I did was obsess about it ALL THE TIME because I wanted to eat the entire bag in one sitting.  I was able to pace myself slightly and ate the bag over three days (with a little help from my friends and clients), but let me tell you, I did not like the way I thought about that bag of snacks constantly.  I could have done the obvious thing and given the remainder of the bag to the first client I shared with, but I didn't.  Don't judge me.  Just another addition to my growing list of "don'ts".  Don't buy a treat bigger than a single serving!

I hate feeling like I can lose control with my food at any moment.  Just when I think I'm strong enough to overcome bingy behavior, I prove myself wrong.  It is important that I am always mindful of what I am eating.  That is why eating the same stuff, no matter how boring it may seem to someone else, keeps me in my comfort zone.  It is familiar territory and a place I feel most in control.  For me, giving up the control I have over my food will end in disaster.  I refuse to ever let food control me again.  It controlled me for 35 years.  Actually, I let it control me.  But never again. I'd rather eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for the rest of my life than end up back where I was.  There's nothing I could eat on earth that would make gaining back anything I lost worth it!