Sunday, January 20, 2013

The wind cries Leigh

Enjoying my morning cuppa coffee this morning before
the dreaded long run.

I'm not gonna lie.  My long run today SUCKED!  I ran 16K again with my half marathon clinic.   We ran along the Rail Trail this morning.  The winds were gusting!  The first 8K was slightly uphill and towards the wind.  It was snowing sideways into our faces.  The winds were so strong, they took my breath away.  And not in a good way.  I'm sure we were running on the spot at times because it felt like we weren't getting anywhere too fast.  The Back of the Rat Pack Girls were not happy campers. All we did was bitch and moan the entire time.  Once we got to turn around at the 8K marker, we were all happiness and sunshine.  But that first 8K?  Not something I want to relive again in the near future...or ever!

These are the type of obstacles we had to contend with this morning.
L-R: Monica, Brett, Tanya
I had a HUGE NSV (Non-scale victory) on Friday.  I went to see a client of mine who is heavily pregnant with twins.  She lives on the 15th floor of an apartment building and when I arrive for the visit with take-out food in hand for her, I discover that the elevators are out of commission.  I swear excessively under my breath as I make my way to the stairs and start climbing.  Not only did I climb 15 floors, but I did it without even breathing hard.  My breath never changed.  Her apartment is right across from the stairwell/elevator and when she answers the door the first thing I say to her is, "You couldn't have lived on the second floor"?  She says, "The elevator's out again?  Why aren't you breathing hard?"  Because I'm fit!  That's why!  That was the most exciting thing that happened to me all week.  Seriously.  Made me realize that I am an athlete, 'cos surely only athletes can climb excessive amounts of stairs and not get winded right?  See, hill training really does build endurance!

I have my physio appointment set for January 28th.  I go in for a full one hour assessment, and from there, the therapist determines my course of recovery.  Not only do we need to address my left upper back leg problem, but my crampy toes as well.  They cramped again today during my long run.  It really sucks and happens near the end of the run.  Once I stop my run, the cramping ends pretty quickly.  It could be something as simple as my toes getting used to longer distances, or something more involved like orthotics.  I really don't want orthotics, but will do whatever I need to do to continue running.  On a happier note, my leg issue was not as bad today.  Feels better, but the problem is still there and something I need to address.

My little peanut is sick AGAIN!  I'm hoping he just needs a day of rest today and maybe tomorrow, then will return to his adorable and chipper self.  There's something major a brewing this week that I can't share right now except to say that it's a once in a life time opportunity for me.  Very exciting to say the least.  Just my luck if Jules is sick and misses it.  Good vibes that he gets well soon, and I don't get sick!  That will derail my entire week and truly suck!  Details to come soon.  I'm off to make some eggplant lasagna!

Right after my 16K this morning! Someone
mentioned that I post some unflattering pictures of
myself.  That's because I try to stay as real as possible.
I'm not a super model.  Just a mother, wife, runner, blogger....