Saturday, December 14, 2013

The post about my impromptu blogging hiatus, maintenance and freezing my ass off

  • So this week I went on a bit of a blogging hiatus. It wasn't planned, but I just felt like I needed a bit of a break because I really didn't have much to say. Thanks to Gwen for checking in with me. I am doing fine. Just busy with work and missing loved ones that are gone away. It's that time of year, but as sad as I get sometimes, I am thankful for everyone I have in my life that cares about me!
  • What a work week! I had some difficult clients to contend with this week. As hard as that can be sometimes, I can't ever get angry at them. Some have severe limitations and their behavior is not their fault. Makes me very happy that I never drank a drop of alcohol while I was pregnant with my son. Just say'in...
  • I have started to eat a bit more. I'm still holding steady at 158 pounds. Maybe my weight won't go up again until I start running further distances? Either way, I'm good as long as I stay below 165 and fit comfortably into my size 8 skinny jeans. I was considering getting myself down to 155 pounds. Then I'd truly be half my highest recorded weight...but that's not really that important to me. It's more about how I feel and how my clothes fit than a number on the scale. 

Do not even get me started on  my choice of hair style in the top left photo!
Top (r) is my most recent full body shot taken 2 days ago. Don't want to know what's on the mirror...

  • So December 13th marked my one year of maintaining my weight within a ten pound range. I weighed 167.5 on that day, and up until recently, I have maintained that weight within 5 pounds give or take and totally dependent on whether or not I was training. Right now I sit at my lowest adult weight. And I'm not sure why. I have not tried to lose weight. Who knew that there would be a time in my life where I would not have to try and lose weight? I never fathomed that in my wildest dreams!
  • I found a couple of before photos of me on a friend's Facebook page. My husband asked how I feel when I look at those photos. It seems like a distant memory. Although I'll never forget what it felt like to weigh 300 pounds, I kinda can't recall the specific struggles except to say that I always felt like shit, was constantly sweaty, and breathed really hard. Now I feel great, am constantly cold, and still breathe hard...but only when I run!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, I will never go back to my before picture. And although I have lost and gained weight in the past, I know what I need to do this this time around to maintain.  Losing weight is hard for sure, but maintaining takes that extra bit of commitment. When I was losing, I kept thinking in the back of my mind that my "diet" was only temporary. That once I got to goal, I'd get to enjoy my favorite foods again. That way of thinking is exactly why I gained back 100+ pounds after getting down to 185 fifteen years ago.  I needed to get real with the eating. And I know and accept that eating clean (Paleo) is my lifestyle. It is not a diet. Because diets suggest a beginning and an end, and this is for life. And I'm okay with that. And somewhat relieved because weight maintenance is no longer a mystery to me!

It was -20C, but I still managed to get my sweat on!

  • This week was not an easy running week for sure. I thought I was real bad ass on Wednesday because it was -15C (5F) when I went out for my run, but Thursday blew that temperature away. I had to run at 5am because I had to have a client in court for 10am in downtown Toronto, and I had to collect them from Scarborough first. I had to leave my house before 7am. Thursday's run was bitterly cold. Minus 20C (-4F) with the windchill. It was a short run, but man did I freeze my ass off! Literally. I never got warm the entire run, but did pick up my pace a bit from runs earlier in the week. Only because I wanted to get home as soon as possible.
  • I am struggling with runs lately. I need to give myself a break. I'm just coming off of an injury, and I need to remember that. But my pace is back to where it was over a year ago. Part of that has to do with me not being confident enough to push myself hard yet. In the back of my mind, I'm scared that my ankle will start hurting and I'll re-injure it. I'm gonna give myself another month of easy running, then I'm going to step it up a notch!
  • I almost forgot that I had a awkward story to share. So I'm sitting in Swiss Chalet (rotisserie chicken restaurant) with a client. He's a sweet young man. Very polite and a kind soul. He has some limitations. I have been working with him for 2+ years. There is a high school class having a Christmas lunch in a section over from us. When we get seated, I notice that one of the teachers is staring at me. A lot. And some of the teenage boys walk by our table to go to the rest room and stare as well. Normally, I would completely ignore. Like just not look at them. But the longer we are there, the more angry my client becomes. Because he knows why they are looking at me and walking out of their way to go to the bathroom. He becomes agitated and tells me that they are being disrespectful because he knows what they are thinking about me. He goes out to have a smoke to calm down, and I have to approach the teacher and I ask to speak to him.  Talk about awkward! Now I don't mention that they are looking at me, but do say that my lunch companion is getting anxious because they are looking at my table and my companion has some limitations and doesn't like to be looked at. He becomes all apologetic and assures me that he will speak to his students.  As strange as that was, I'm glad I did it because my client had a much more relaxed meal after that. And the teacher still kept staring...
  • I'm getting geared up for my morning run. It's snowing right now and we're supposed to get 20+cm (8") by the end of the day.Will make for an interesting long run tomorrow! The 14th installment of the Anniversary Series of videos entitled Nice Room. Hubby and I finally make it out of the car and we get some on camera mirror time!


  1. What a fun post! I absolutely LOVE before and after pictures even though I would hide from cameras when I weighed 178 pounds which means I have very few of the "before" ones. The video is fun too and it really was a beautiful room. :)

  2. First, you look beautiful. And it's really exciting that you're maintaining and even losing without having to really try. It shows that you really adopted the lifestyle. I'm right there with you, I'm never going to back to the way it was before. This is my life now, it's not a diet that I'll stop someday.

  3. You're such a bad ass! Running in -4F degree weather and then walking over to that teacher to have word with him ... my new hero!! LOL.

  4. You are a rock star! An amazing example! A mentor without even realizing it! And an amazing, wonderful lady! I am so glad I "know" you!! Great job, and welcome back! But don't ever apologize for taking a little mini break from here. We are big kids and will be okay. I just wanted you to know I cared and a little worried about your grief situation. ;)

  5. I think the braids are cute...and would be even cuter now that your hair is longer, maybe for a hike or workout!

  6. I know what you mean, I was freezing for my morning walk at -20C without the windchill. Since I wasn't going for a leisurely stroll, the cold and wind made me walk at a nice fast pace to back quicker to my nice cozy warm house!

    Don't worry about taking a break from blogging because everyone goes through tough/busy times. This time of year is hard for me emotionally as well... so many of my relatives passed away from November to January, including my father last year. All I can do is cry a little, remember the good times with fondness and know that my father would have been proud of the changes I've made in my life. He wouldn't want be to be sad, he'd say it's time to focus on what we have, not on what we have lost.

  7. I don't understand why the teacher was staring? You didn't explain that.

    Well done and to find a way to maintain... such a great healthy way, is just the best. Those before photos certainly show a place you don't want to be again. I'm still amazed at how well your skin has returned to normal - you seriously look like you have always been slim.

  8. I can't believe its already one year for your maintenance. I remember you posting about it. Just makes me realize how far behind I am and need to get my butt in gear. You have been rockin' it all year!

    It is a little creepy about the staring at Swiss Chalet. Good for you for mentioning it to the teacher.

    Stay safe with the snowstorm!

  9. Congrats on a year of maintenance! I'm told maintaining can be harder than losing, so YOU ROCK! Thanks for inspiring me, and so many others!

  10. Can't remember the specifics of being that heavy!?! OMG - weight loss causes memory loss! Quick! Must tell everyone...something...I forgot...never mind. In all seriousness, find one of those body suits that adds an extra hundred pounds and go up and down the stairs in your home a dozen times. That'll jog your memory cells:) Another congratulatory comments directed towards you - congratulations!

  11. Sometimes we need a blogging break. Glad to hear you are doing so well. The before and after photos are AMAZING. You are such an inspiration.

    Happy anniversary of maintenance. Happy Holidays :)

  12. Goodness cold temperatures indeed. I always like soup when it gets cold, something cheery (cheerful) about a nice mug or bowl of home - made soup.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  13. Wow look at you such a bad ass running at below freezing, and I love that room :)

  14. I love your before and after look like a cute school kid in the first snap :) what an amazing transformation you have...Its so important to start focusing on lifestyle rather than thinking of this as a diet..I think overtime I made that switch without even realizing..but when I see my friends who want to lose weight and are just waiting to reach their goal weight so they can eat unhealthy again, I try and explain to them but somehow they ignore me :(
    your runs always inspire me...thank you Leigh