Thursday, December 5, 2013

The post about my Nutreats interview, corrupting my father and dropping some pounds

The lovely card my team at work gave me.

  • My heart still hurts and will for some time. I keep pretending like Finn is just away visiting his friend Lucy for a week, but that doesn't work for very long. It's hard to come home every day from work and not have him waiting for me at  the door. He was always so happy to see me and got muzzle kisses as soon as I walked into the house. I think this is hardest on my husband. He and Finn had a very special bond.
  • With everything that has happened in the last week and a half, I was totally remiss in sharing my latest interview with you. This interview appeared on the Nutreats blog and it is to date, my absolute favorite interview. Feige Lewin really took the time to read through my blog and asked me specific questions relevant to my story. The other interviews I've done were generic questions that everyone got asked, but she really catered this interview to me. And I got to talk about weight-loss, running, Paleo, parenting.  All the important stuff!  Give it a read. You can read it here.
  • Monday was a hard day at work. I got shepherded into my boss's office first thing in the morning. He could tell I wasn't myself and knew that Finn was sick the week before. I cried real ugly and hard as I told him what went down last Friday. The man had no tissues in his office and my tears were all over his table. I was a hot mess by the time I left.  I warned him not to get close to me because I was sick, but he said he didn't care and gave me a much needed hug which I really appreciated. Made me cry even harder though. My team gave me a condolence card for Finn. They are awesome!

My daddy and I celebrating his birthday. Not sure if the tweed works on me.
But I got that jacket for $3 @ Value Village! Got my bangs and eyebrows done today!

  • On Tuesday I took my dad to Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls for buffet dinner and a show. Remember back when hubby and I were there for our anniversary and we got a free show? It was the Christmas Ice Show. Well we ended up missing the show because I don't listen to directions well, but we went into the casino and gambled $20. My dad has never set foot in a casino before. He felt corrupted. On the sixth spin of the slot machine, we won $148!!!! He was very excited and said he had to go to confession ASAP! The man cracks me up! Love him to pieces. We were celebrating his birthday. He's 83 years young!
  • So this is a peculiar turn of events. For the absolute first time in my life, I have dropped weight without even trying. My favorite jeans have gotten so loose on me that I decided to step on the scale this morning. I weighed in at 158.5 pounds. The lowest weight of my adult life. I have dropped the weight in my thigh and ass area. I can tell by the droopy way my jeans are fitting right now. I'm not sure why this happened, except that I'm not eating very well. And again, by not eating very well, I mean that I am not eating very much. Perhaps it has to do with Finn and feeling sick over the past week? Maybe things won't stay in the 150's for long, and I'm okay with that. I wasn't actually trying to lose weight.
  • I have an admirer at my  local Tim Horton's drive thru. A lovely young man who gives me my coffee every morning.  During November, he was acknowledging Movember. So he had a very faint mustache at the end of the month. Last week I told him that his stash was coming along nicely and looked at me with heartfelt conviction and said, "I will take that as a compliment". I said, "please do". So it's December 5th and he still has the stash! And was very excited to see me today. He's like 21! WTF? Makes me feel a lot icky.

I haven't run this pace for over a year...

  • So this morning, I decided to be a big fat liar. I said I would follow the 1/2 marathon training schedule to a "T" for a few weeks. It's only week two and what was supposed to be a 3K run turned into a 6K run. I just felt like I needed to run. It was warm here in Southern Ontario this morning. Like 8C when I went out for my run just after 5 am. I am also battling a head cold so my pace is pitiful because I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty weak. But I ran, and felt awesome when I was done regardless of the pace.
  • The vet's office just called. Finn's ashes are in. I'm feeling even more angry right now. Shit! I'm only in the second stage of grieving. I am not going to be pleasant over the next month for sure. Feel sorry for my hubby:(
  • This is the next installment of the Anniversary Series of videos. I get some air time. The video was originally over 5 minutes long, but EMI blocked it and I had to cut the ending. So it's very short. I look super old in this video. Really need some suggestions on those eye creams!!!! Just say'in:)