Sunday, December 22, 2013

The post about a slouchy beanie, a hangover and The Running Man

Still ran in the dark on a Saturday!

  • Friday was a shit day! I drove from Hamilton to Brantford to Toronto to Brantford to Hamilton. I left my house at 8:15 am and didn't get back home until after 7 pm. It was only about a 320K drive, but it was done in lots and lots of rain and freezing rain. Very slow driving conditions to say the least!  The good news is that my client and I made it home safe and sound! 
  • Weird temperatures on Friday. It went from being frigidly cold, to +2C. I actually wore my biker ensemble...something I didn't think would see the light of day again until spring. Even though the temperatures were milder, I was still cold. Damp and wet means chilled to the bone.
  • On Saturday morning I got up early to run because I had a massage booked for 9am. I also knew that we were expecting an ice storm on Sunday, so I switched my long run day to Saturday. I ran 9K at 6:30 am. This was my furthest distance post broken ankle. 
  • I haven't seen Mark in three weeks. He told me that he noticed an improved difference in my muscle definition and could also tell that I had lost weight. He told me I looked really good, which is a total confidence booster for me because he sees parts of me sans clothing. And I completely lack confidence without clothes:) And he told me six weeks ago that he could tell that I was losing muscle definition.  So at least I know that the running is improving things once again!  Thank you Mark for making me feel a little better about myself.  And thanks to Sharon (his wife) for making me a slouchy beanie. Look at me all trendy!
  • Yesterday, Julien and I spent the day Christmas baking. We made and decorated a ton of sugar cookies, and also made chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. Hubby was my tester. And surprise, surprise! Julien ate a sugar cookie. I think he forced it down, but he ate it. He does not like sweets...

Left: The slouchy beanie that Mark's wife made me...
Right: Wearing the biker ensemble on Friday. I can't believe that my legs are
getting leaner, they look thick in that photo!

  • Last night was my girlfriend Elin's annual Christmas tree ornament party. Elin reminded me that it was actually her and I that started the party back in 1989 when we lived together in Trenton.  This year marked the 24th year of the party! That makes me feel real old! I was 19 in 1989...
  • I drank a bit too much last night and am nursing a slight hang over. Man I do not like this feeling. Note to self, you cannot handle more than 2 glasses of wine! The four I had was a bit much. My stomach is off.  The headache has subsided, but it totally wasn't worth it. I didn't eat anything off plan...but drank too much wine for sure! I cannot drink like I used to.  And I had a shot of something...which was done out of peer pressure. I'm way too old to give into peer pressure.
  • Last night my husband and I had a Running Man competition. I did The Running Man for 10 minutes, or 3 songs, and he managed for 2 songs before he questioned whether or not it was good for his ankle. WTF? I'm the one who broke my ankle 3.5 months ago! 
  • We have had an ice storm here in Southern Ontario. There is a sheet of ice covering the sidewalks and roads. I am being forced to take a rest day today because I cannot run on ice! I do not have a treadmill, so I will have to do The Running Man later:) It's all good. It's fun, effective cardio, and I get to crank the 80's music. Julien will have a blast and I'll get to go back to high school for a bit! I may be old, but I'm young at heart:)
  • I have no other videos to show you right now, because they need to be uploaded onto YouTube still! Maybe by my next post...because I know you all want to know what happens on the Sunday after our anniversary!