Sunday, June 24, 2012

But if you never try you'll never know

Jules is such a peanut here.
We're on our way back from the beach,
and I'm wearing my new bathing suit!
This was one of the inspirational quotes along the route of the Meredith Hagan Inspiration Run.  I saw it about half way through my run and thought about it the rest of the way to the finish line.  This time last year, I never knew I could run, let alone run races.  I'm never going to actually win a race, but I do win every time I run one.  I'm racing against myself.  I'm running for my health and to get my life back.  I'm going to have some good races and runs, and some really bad ones too.  That doesn't matter to me though because I'm the one who's winning in the end.  

This morning was the first time in a real long time that I didn't want to run.  Most Sunday mornings I'm up at the crack of dawn to get ready for my morning run with my clinic.  I woke at 7:30 am which left me with just enough time to dress, brush my teeth and get myself out the door.  I drove to the Running Room feeling blah.  Maybe it was because I just ran a 5.6k trail race yesterday, but I had very little enthusiasm to run today.  Our group decided on a 5k that goes through a wooded trail and comes up a pretty long, steady incline and then down and up another shorter incline.  Once I started running I was reminded once again why I do this.  I felt great!  By the time my run was done, my crabby mood had lifted and I felt like a million bucks.  Running is not only good for the body, it's good for the soul too.

I've been toying with starting other forms of exercise (to strengthen) along with the running.  As I've said in the past, I've never been athletic and have usually turned my back on any kind of physical activity.  But I'll never know what I do and don't like if I don't try.  Strengthening will only make my core stronger which will make me run faster.  Right now I can't imagine loving anything as much as I love running, but it's entirely possible.  Maybe biking...swimming...OMG, I can become a triathlete!  Likely not.  I'd hate to be wet and have to bike or run afterwards.  Call me a diva, but I don't think I'd like the discomfort!  But I could do those things as stand alone sports.

My hubby and I were talking about our summer vacation this year.  I want to go camping and do things like tubing down rapids, zip-lining, rock climbing.  Things I would have never attempted last summer.  I would have been happy to watch, but would have never participated.  He was so happy that I was suggesting this stuff and said, "this is what I've always wanted to do with you".  That broke my heart a little because not only has my weight been holding me back, it's been holding back someone I love as well.  I'm determined more than ever now to reach my goal and NEVER hold back my son.  I may or may not love doing these things, but if I never try I'll never know!
I figured out how to download the video from my phone.  Here I am just before I crossed the finish line in my trail race yesterday.