Monday, June 18, 2012

That silver haired daddy of mine!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Father's Day.  I had a pretty packed weekend with my family.  Saturday was my last Yoga class till the fall.  This coming Saturday is really the last class, but I have the Meredith Hagan Inspiration Run, so I won't be attending.  I'm really looking forward to the trail run this weekend.  It's a 5.6k and it's in trails, which I always prefer to run.  It's not chip timed, but there is a really nice medal and a technical t-shirt.  And it's for a good cause!

After my Yoga class on Saturday, we went to Port Dalhousie for the afternoon.  Julien loves to ride the 5 cent carousel.  The first time we went there he was about 8 months old.  We've taken him back every year since.  This is the first year I actually rode the carousel with him.  In the past, I've just ridden in the seat that looks like a sleigh or I've stood beside him.  He was so excited because we rode side by side on the horses that go up and down.
This is baby Jules at the Port Dalhousie carousel.
His very first visit ever!
I cropped out the back part of me again in an
attempt to look "slimmer".
And here are our recent pictures of the Port Dalhousie Carousel.  We are all riding together, so I did my best to capture the moment!

Sunday morning was a practice run and I had a pretty good run.  Sometimes when I run with my clinic, I don't feel like I'm working myself enough.  Sunday I just ran with Enz, and we did pretty good.  I got in a full 5k, so I was happy.  I do need to add more distance to my runs.  My clinic instructor says if I keep running 5k, I'll get really good at running 5k, but there won't be any challenge left.  I definitely need more challenge! My former clinic instructor seems to think I'll be ready to run a half marathon (21.1k) by spring 2013.  Since she believes in me, I best start believing in myself a little more.  The half marathon clinic I'll likely take is in November.  They only offer them twice a year.   Maybe I'll be ready by then.  I'll have ran a couple of 10k's by that time.

On Father's Day, I had a BBQ for my father, brother and hubby.  To stay on plan, I made a chicken and pork souvlaki dinner.  With the souvlaki, I also made vegetable kebabs, Greek salad (with my own dressing), lemon-garlic potatoes and home made banana cake.  I ate a lot of meat, veggie kebabs and some of the Greek salad. The rest was off limits!  My family also indulged in a special Father's Day cake my sister-in-law brought.  All in all it was an enjoyable and yummy dinner!  I absolutely love souvlaki and used this marinade to make it and it was so flavorful!  Just because it's a special occasion is no reason to go off plan.  Just like a boy scout, I am always prepared!
My dad, brother and me!
Love these guys!