Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today is gonna be the day

So I've done it.  I have officially hit my Onederwall.  I haven't weighed under 200 pounds in about 12 years.  And at that time it was for a very short period of time.  This morning I weighed in at 199.4.  I hope to never see a 2 at the beginning of my weight again.  Dr. Stephen was very happy with my progress and even happier that my blood pressure was 110/75.  That is another number I have never seen.  What shocked him even more was when I told him that I've been off my 2 blood pressure medications since February.  He had no idea!  Probably something I should have mentioned when I started attending the clinic again in the middle of May.

When I first began my journey, my BMI was 46, this morning it was 31.  Seeing these differences makes me feel really good about what I have done over the past 9 months.  And it really motivates me to continue and reach my goal!  My weight-loss seems to be moving along slow and steady right now, and I'm okay with that.  Even if there's not a big dip in the scale, I notice that my fat mass percentage (on the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer) is always going down.  I'm guessing it's because I'm gaining muscle from the running.  Three pounds here, 4 pounds there, I'm good with the numbers, as long as the scale keeps going down.

Something I can be proud of is that since I began this journey, I have never had a gain at a weigh-in.  I stayed the same once (because I retained a lot of water weight), and lost a measly pound in a month (while doing maintenance), but never gained.  I have followed the diet pretty much religiously.  I do have a "treat" day.  That would be my weigh-in day.  Ask Denise at the Ontario Nutrition Store.  It's the one day I purchase about three Poon approved snacks...and eat them all in one day.   Today it was 2 Chocolite bars, and the Emerald Cinnamon Roasted Almonds.  I don't recommend eating all your snacks in one day like I do, but it's the only time I eat snacks at all on this diet, and something I look forward to at every weigh-in.  It helps to keep me focused and frankly, I get sick of the snacks in one day, and am good for the next two weeks again.  So this works for me!

I also wanted to give a BIG shout out to my girl Beverly over at A Pond's View.  She started Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet a week ago Tuesday, and lost 4.6 pounds in her first week.  I'm super proud of her.  I bought the book for her a couple of weeks ago, she spent the weekend of June 9th reading it, and began the diet the following Tuesday.  She's doing great and I hope I'm being a support to her.  It's hard to do something like this on your own.  She lives in Hamilton like me, so it's difficult for her to get to a clinic.  Big kudos to her for starting her journey!

I'm going to go visit my tattoo artist next week.  I'll get him to draw me up something new (with an idea I have), then I'll decide how I'm going to alter Heloise.  The beginner yoga is a much easier promise to keep.  I tell you, getting healthy comes with a lot of anxiety!   Speaking of anxiety, I went bathing suit shopping today.  I ended up buying this number from Old Navy.
I can't believe how anxious I was to try it on.  The bathing suit I wore last summer was sized 3x (24W).  I bought this one in a L (12/14R).  And it actually looked good on me.  I tell you ruching hides many, many, many imperfections!  I may even break it in this weekend with the boy.  He said he wanted to go swimming tomorrow.  Since he has a professional activity day at school and I took the day off work, it is very possible.  What ever I decide to do tomorrow, I am going to get a good run in first thing in the morning!

And just to clarify for my American friends and anyone else who uses the Fahrenheit scale to measure temperature.  When I ran on Wednesday (see post here), it was 40 degrees Celsius which is 104 Fahrenheit.  Much thanks to my friend Marc over at Fat or Fit? Changing the Status Quo for figuring that out for me!  So you see?  The jury's in.  I am crazier than a shit house rat!
I look a little unstable here.
Heat will do that to you.
Just to clarify...this picture was taken over a week ago!