Monday, July 23, 2012

A house full of sickos - revisited

This is a quick catch-up post.  Let me first start by saying that my husband is delusional and talks smack!  A woman did not win the Eaton Downtown Dash.  But she did come in third.  Still very commendable, but I knew I should have checked the stats first.  Men almost ALWAYS win these races.  On a more truthful note, I did pretty darn good. My chip time was 37:50 and my gun time was 38:16.  My last recorded chip time for a 5k (Run for Wells) was 42:17.  That shaves a whole 4:33 off my time.  Not too shabby! The goal for my next race (Stryker Dundas Cactus 5k) will be to get a chip time of under 37 minutes.  It's next month and I hope to meet that goal or better.

Right now I'm adding some distance to my runs.  I'll do a few more 7k's before I move onto running 8k. I have an 8k race in October and a 10k in November.  The best thing to keep me focused on running is to set goals for myself and continue to train so that I can meet them.  Although I start teaching my first Learn to Run clinic today, I'm not in a learning clinic myself so all the running I do from now on, is by myself.  I have some running friends, but it's hard to meet up sometimes and we've all moved onto different paces.  I actually don't mind running on my own.  I thought I would hate it, but it's not as bad as I had though it would be.

My eating remains the same.  Still sticking to the Phase 2 stage of Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet.  I continue to LOVE this eating plan.  I have tons of energy, don't count calories and eat until I'm full.  At my last weigh-in, I continued to lose steadily.  I'm actually not scheduled for an official weigh-in for the rest of the summer because I'm on vacation (I was able to go to the clinic because it was on the way to a client visit, it's about 110km from my home).  I'll weigh myself in a couple of weeks to make sure I'm still going in the right direction.  No reason that I shouldn't be.  I haven't gone off plan and I have no plans to do so.  I will admit, being without an "official weigh-in" makes me nervous.  I'm not a huge scale person.  When I was checking my weight at home, I became obsessed with the scale.  That's pretty much why I've shunned it.  And having somewhere to go and check my weight (the clinic), made it so I didn't have to weigh myself at home.  I just know that for myself, not obsessing over the scale makes my life sooooooo much easier!

This weekend has been a bit of a blur.  My little guy was in the Urgent Care center two days in a row. Saturday for chronic coughing (by chronic I mean constant...while choking up phlegm), and Sunday for an ear ache that had him inconsolably crying.  It was strange, the doctor prescribed him antibiotics on Saturday, but wasn't sure if they would work.  We didn't end up giving it to him, and that night he vomited up a huge amount of mucus and hasn't coughed since. Then the next day, he got the ear ache as the virus moved to his ear.  He's on a different medication now.  Getting him to take it is a real treat.  It tastes horrible and he's pretty much refusing it.  It takes tons of time and a lot of negotiating.  Who knew a 4-year-old could negotiate like that?  Between spitting up and it dribbling out of his mouth, he's probably getting half the prescribed amount.  Some is better than none I suppose.
He cried for the first hour and a half
we were there, then became very silly!
In good spirits, before they forced medicine
down his throat!
All I can say is please, please let him get better soon!  I hate it when my peanut is sick.  He's doing better today...but it's freaking hot here and we need to keep him in doors.  We also don't have a/c. Except in the bedroom.  If it gets unbearable, that's where we'll go!   Hubby is coughing up phlegm now.  It would be typical if I got sick as well...right at the beginning of my summer vacation!