Monday, July 9, 2012

Buried in my past

Today was my official weigh-in day.  I had to go on a Monday, which was an off day for me because I normally go on Thursdays.  But today was my "travel to Peterborough" day and because of that (the clinic is on the way), I didn't get to see Dr. Stephen 'cos he doesn't work on Mondays.  I saw a different doctor, but can't remember his name.  He was nice and very pleased with my progress.  I lost 4 pounds of body weight, but the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer shows that I am retaining 2 pounds of water, which means I lost 6 pounds of fat.  Very confusing right?  Either way I'm happy.

Last week I ran 28 1/2 kilometers, my highest mileage to date.  I am constantly eating and still losing pretty steadily.  Some days (the days after long runs), I feel like I can't eat enough.  I always eat until I'm full, and I rarely feel like I need something more (ie: carbs or sugar).  All I can say is Dr. Poon is a genius.  I am a firm believer that the only weight-loss that will be successful long-term, is an eating plan that can be sustained.  I have lost and gained back a 100 pounds in the past.  That was because I went on a starvation diet, then once I got my weight down, I returned to my old eating habits.  I know that I will have to follow my current eating plan (a modified form when I'm on maintenance) for the rest of my life.  And I'm okay with that.  Thank goodness I'm a lover of meat and veggies.

I had friends over on Saturday and made a Greek dinner with all the fix'ins, including lemon potatoes.  I, of course, did not eat the potatoes, or the fresh baguette, but made everything else Phase 2 friendly.  My girlfriend asked about when I go on maintenance and I said that the only thing that makes me nervous is eating carby things again.  I'm talking about processed carbs, not the complex kind found in veggies.  I already eat those.  Part of me thinks it's just best that I never eat them again since I've been without them for so long and have no problem rejecting them.

It could be a slippery slope for me.  What if I start eating bad carbs and can't get enough?  It opens the door for bingy behaviour.  They say the more carbs you eat, the more you crave.  Is it realistic for me to cut them out of my life forever?  Right now, I say yes.  I am healthy, feeling strong and running longer distances without the abundance of carbs that many nutritionists believe you have to have in order to be athletic.  Just a quick side note, the doctor I saw today asked me about my weight-loss history since he never saw me before and we started talking about my running and he called me an athlete.  No one has EVER called me an athlete before!

I had a different girlfriend come over on Sunday with her family and we booked a camping trip for the end of August.  I'm so excited!  There's zip lining and I am so going to do that.  There will also be a great running trail...miles and miles of sandy beach.  Something I have never done but will definitely try.  My girlfriend told me that she was also in denial because she can't believe I was ever as big as my "before" picture.  I guess if you get used to seeing someone a certain way (like the way she currently sees me)...the past isn't as memorable as we think.  This is a good thing.

My son saw my before pictures on the computer and asked me who it was.  I told him it was me and he looked genuinely confused and said "No, that person's really fat".  I told him I used to be really fat and he got quiet and wasn't sure what to say.  Then he asked "How did you get not fat?"  I told him I ate healthy food and started running.  He asked to see the before pictures again today and when I asked him who was in the pictures, he said, "Not you mommy!"  I am so relieved he does not remember me 94 pounds heavier.  Regardless of all  the other mistakes I have made in regards to my health and wellness in the past, I can be proud that I have done something right.  I am a positive role model to my son.
Silliness abounds.