Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Run, run, run a weigh

The motivation for my healthy lifestyle changes.
Nothing like a super cute kid to keep you on the straight and narrow!
First off I want to say that I am truly touched by all the very kind comments left on my last post.  Just when you think that no one really pays attention to what you have to say, you go and do something like that!  Very humbling folks!  And a little ego boosting! 

Lots is going on right now.  I just finished up my 5k clinic through the Running Room.  I was going to join the 10k clinic starting in August, but now I'm teaching potentially 2 clinics with the Running Room.  The Learn to Run on Monday nights, and the For Women Only on Friday nights.  We might see if we can double them up and just do one clinic on Monday, but if the participants don't agree, Bev and I will be teaching both.  Which means I'd be out of the house Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights and Sunday morning.

The 10k clinic would be on a Thursday, and I don't think I can give up another night because I need to spend time with the peanut.  So I may just get the curriculum and follow it myself.  I'm up to running 7k on my own, I can certainly get up to 10k within the next couple of months.  The only other difference is the 10k clinic does hill repeats and tempo running.  My last clinic instructor Eric was good enough to explain to us exactly what that meant, and practiced with us a bit too, so I know what to do.

I have a race this coming Thursday evening.  The Eaton Downtown Dash in Burlington, Ontario.  I'm running it with a few gals from the 5k clinic, plus our clinic instructor and some of the ladies from the Learn to Run clinic.  I think it will be a fun time.  The humidity is supposed to  lift, and the course is described as flat and fast.  Hopefully I'll run it in under 40minutes...my race times have been all over the place recently.  The sub 40 is my goal and I'm very hopeful!
This cracks me up...and the dog is really beautiful!
I talked a few posts back about how I was entertaining taking up another form of exercise to supplement the running.  We bought a family pass through our local Parks and Rec, so swimming it is!  I'm real excited to get started and hope to get a length swim in a couple of days a week.  I can also use the pass for aqua-fit at any city pool as well as access any city recreation centre gym.  Not a great gym, but free weights and some machines if I feel so inclined.  Most importantly, Jules is getting really good at swimming and he loves it.  Something we can all do as a family!  And it was a deal at $127 for the tree of us for the year!  You can't beat that price!

In my last post I mentioned that the hubby had dropped a few pounds.  Check out his before and during photos.  He is truly going to kill me for posting the first picture, but you can see a huge difference in his face.  He only has to lose about 15 more pounds, and ladies, you can hate him if you want.  All he's done differently is he began running. He doesn't run more that 3k a few times a week. He hasn't really changed his eating habits...I just saw him make a huge bowl of cereal for himself which he will proceed to eat in front of the TV. Why oh why can men do this?  It's just not fair!  I run 25 - 30k per week, don't eat any processed carbs or sugar, and my weight-loss has slowed down significantly.  I know that the closer you get to goal, the harder it gets.  A truer statement has never been made!  I'm not complaining mind you...ok, maybe just a little.  But seriously, if you want to boost your metabolism/weight-loss, try some interval running.  The Man is proof that it works!
This was taken in January 2012.
This was taken this past weekend.