Thursday, December 20, 2012

A post about nothing...really

I survived my first night of hill repeats!  We did three ginormous hills last night during my clinic's practice run. I was pleasantly surprised that about 25 people showed up to run hills.  I figured if there were going to be skippers, that the night we do hill repeats would be a good night to skip. My total run was 5.7K and I did it at a 6:38 pace which is not too shabby considering I had the three hills to run.  Basically, we ran down a 400 meter hill, ran back up it, just to run down and repeat two more times.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was tired by the third hill and all I could think was, I'll never be able to add another hill for next week!  Every week we add a hill until we do it 9 times in a row.  All I can say is that I better have a smokin' ass when this is done!

Tonight was a clinic talk and a we had a guest speaker talk about running safety.  He's a former British Bobby who emigrated to Canada and now works for the Halton Regional Police Marine Unit. He was very informative and also does motivational speaking.  He gave us a little motivational talk before we had to leave the warm safety of the Running  Room and head out into the cold, windy, rainy night.  Not many people showed up tonight.  There were only about a dozen of us. Small attendance for a 30+ person clinic.  I was promised a short easy run to recover from the hill repeats the previous night before. I made it an easy run and stayed with a couple of runners at the back.  But it was a 7Kish run as opposed to the 5Kish run I thought we were doing. Makes no difference.  I got home from the run soaking wet, bitched and complained how horrible it was, then said yes when my hubby asked me to run with him in the morning after he drops Jules off at school.  He knows I won't say no to a run!  I'm a glutton for punishment.

Good to know I can be seen running at night!
Safety first folks!
Just back from my run tonight and I'm a wet,
sweaty mess!  That's Tanya in the mirror:)

I'm officially on Christmas vacation.  Today was my last day and I don't have to go back to work until the 2nd of January.  All this time to plan more runs!  I may need a twelve step program.  I'm not ready for Christmas. I have last minute shopping to do tomorrow.  And although I did a lot of baking on the weekend, I have more to do this weekend.  The goodies are leaving my house as fast as I can make them.  This is a good thing.  Hubby would eat it all if I let him.  Everything is in the freezer.  I'm hoping that frozen cookies and desserts is a deterrent for him.

I finally got a bumming around winter coat. Found a down filled one at Value Village for $12.  Just the style I wanted and looks brand new.  I have three leather coats, but no proper winter coat, until today.  I also bought a top, three pairs of pants (H&M, Jacob), yoga pants, and a brown leather belt.  All for $40.  I know thrift shopping isn't for everyone, but I can't go back to regular retail now. I can buy clothes that are like new for a fraction of the price.  I can buy so much more and I really only look for name brands because I can finally afford name brand clothing.  I'm becoming a snob!

I just checked the weather forecast.  Looks like hubby and I will be running in some mixed precipitation tomorrow morning.  Good times!  It's December for Pete's sake.  I'd rather run in the cold with snow, not the cold with rain.  I just know I'm gonna get hypothermia or something. No actual injury due to running (knock wood), but hypothermic because of the weather conditions. Or maybe the world will end tomorrow.    Do we have a time for doomsday?  I'd like to get my run in first!