Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good health does not take a holiday!

He was so excited to get this!

Let me start off by wishing all a very Happy Holiday season!  This morning was fun.  Julien was so excited that Santa came and left him not just one, but 2 filled stockings for being such a great boy all year.  He got the 2 things he really wanted...Risky Rails Bridge Drop, and a Wii.  I really struggled with the Wii, but he wanted a DS and I figured the Wii was more interactive, so I compromised.  I can also do workouts on the Wii, so I think it's a win, win.  And Hubby can watch Netflix, which is all he really cares about.

Yesterday we spent Christmas Eve with  my in-laws.  We did Christmas a bit different this year. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas day with my in-laws.  My sister-in-law left for the Dominican early this morning with her kids and husband's whole family. Seventeen people in all heading down to the Caribbean for some fun in the sun.  Sounds more exhausting than relaxing, but I hope they have a fun and safe trip.  I'm heading out to celebrate Christmas with my childhood friend Nokomis and her in-laws later this afternoon.  And tomorrow, my brother, his family and my father are coming out to my place for a Boxing Day dinner.

I ate a ton of meat yesterday at my in-laws house.  Meat, salad and rapini.  No ravioli or pasta for me.  I was stuffed when I left.  I definitely overate.  But I don't feel guilty about it.  Maybe just a bit. I ended up running 12.5K this morning.  That was the best Christmas present I could give myself. The gift of exercise.  Loved my run today.  I felt strong.  I love that feeling.  Like I could run forever. I'm not going to talk about running too much here.  My brother-in-law says I talk about running too much on my blog now and he gets bored.  I have to take that constructively and remember that not everyone cares about running.  Briefly though I just want to add that I'm not looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.  I have to do 4 hill repeats by myself.  That will truly suck!  But I'm getting up early, driving to the running room, just so I can getter done!

I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner.  Turkey!  I love turkey!  I'm bringing a salad and a bottle of wine...and a cranberry banana cake.  Two out of three ain't bad.  All I care about is the turkey. And I think I'll have a couple of glasses of wine.  My Christmas treat.  Hope you are all feeling good about your Christmas choices.  Just remember, control is a nice thing to have.  Control and healthy choices.  The best gift you can give yourself all year round:)

What a difference a year makes!
Christmas 2011, 250 pounds.
Christmas 2012
167 pounds.