Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tis the season to treat your body like the temple it is!

Nina keeps sending me these gems, and I keep posting them:)

First off, thanks to all for your lovely comments from my last post.  I truly appreciate all the love:)

What a busy weekend!  I had three events yesterday.  One was even hosted by me.  I had a couple of good friends over for a Christmas lunch.  Dear friends of ours who are following a similar lifestyle to me.  So I made Phase 2 friendly curried chicken, sauteed cabbage and served some carrot sticks and dip as an appetizer.  I had a very packed day yesterday, so I had an entire schedule made up so that everything would go as planned.

6:45 am: Get up and put curried chicken in crock pot.
7:00 am: Start new load of laundry and fold two loads from the previous night.
7:20 am: Put on running gear and getter done!
8:00 am: After procrastination, leave house for 8k run.
8:58 am: Return from run.
9:00 am: Go to grocery store to pick up needed items.
9:30 am: Drink coffee and eat.
10:00 am: Shower and dress.
10:30 am: Dress the boy.
11:00 am: Start meal prep (ie: chopping cabbage, plating hors d'oeuvres).
11:30 am: Switch laundry over again and fold dried load.
11:45 am: Company arrives...entertain for the next 2 hours 45 minutes.
2:30 pm:  Clean up from luncheon.
3:00 pm:  Switch laundry over again and fold dried load.
3:15 pm: Attend Christmas open house with Jules until 5:45 pm.
6:00 pm: Stop in at Shopper's Drug Mart and liquor store for gifts to bring to party later in the evening.
6:30 pm: Make dinner for Jules.
6:45 pm: Get ready for evening Christmas party at one of my BFF's homes.
7:00 pm: Switch laundry over and fold several loads that hubby dried.
7:15 pm: Wrap gifts to bring to party.
7:25 pm: Spend time watching Madagascar 3 with Jules.
8:00 pm: Leave for party.
12:00 am: Return from party...switch laundry over...go to bed!
7:00 am: Get up for long run (10K) in the pouring rain....

So there you have it.  My complete schedule from yesterday.  Today is a baking day.  That's right, I'm getting all my Christmas baking done in one day.  I'm only making four things so it's not too much, but is still time consuming when you have a "helper" who means well, but really slows you down!

I attended 2 Christmas parties yesterday and had ZERO problem staying on plan.  People asked me at both events if I couldn't just have one cookie or treat since I worked so hard and "deserved" it.  I'll tell you what I deserve.  To treat my body like the temple it is and not eat anything that is going to be detrimental to all my hard work.  Why would I work so hard to change my entire lifestyle and just throw it away by putting crap in my body?  I wouldn't.  Defeats the purpose.  I ate veggies, shrimp and my splurge?  1.5 glasses of wine at the second party.

I knew I had a long run this morning.  There's no way I was going to feel bad for that.  The most important meal before a run is the meal you have 12-18 hours prior to that run.  I ate on plan, drank tons of water and had a great long run with my best pace to date.  I did 10K with my clinic at a 6:49 pace.  Not too shabby considering there was a GIGANTIC hill 7K in .  I rocked it and felt stronger than ever running up that hill.  My pace didn't slow once.  I was running with Tina today and we were near the end of the pack, but after the hill, were at the front.  Hill training doesn't seem so scary now.

Hill training begins on Wednesday.  We do a warm up run of about 2K, then down a 400 meter hill, and run up it at a pace where we can't talk, but hopefully won't vomit once we reach the top and repeat 2 more times.  Each Wednesday we add one more hill until we run 9 hills at once.  Sounds like fun eh?  I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little anxious, but at the same time, I like a challenge!  Bring on the hills!  I need this for my Around the Bay training.  I'm running the second half and it's all hills.

I have a confession to make.  I've been talking smack these past few weeks.  I keep saying I'm training for a half marathon...the Chilly Half Marathon on March 3rd...but I was never registered. Until this morning at 7:15 am.  Last week I made a goal to register before my next long run, which was this morning at 8:30 am.  I met my goal.  Over the last 15 months, I have stopped making promises to myself that I can't keep. I've pretty much kept them all.  What a difference from the HUGE procrastinator I used to be.  There's no going back now.  I'm done lying to myself!


  1. Plan the work and work the plan - great job. Don't you love it when people who could probably stand to lose a few pounds themselves and should exercise try to get you to their level? I really don't think they understand what they are trying to do but luckily we do. We hear all the cautions about getting too skinny and how we should stop right now before we die or something :-) Your are so right - why undo all this hard work? Good girl.

  2. If I were your life coach, I'd ask something silly like, "Leigh...what are you running from, hmmm?" But I'm not so I'll just say, WOW!

  3. Way to stay on track during those tempting Christmas parties!! And excited to hear you are registered ;)

  4. You have great will power - This really is a hard time of year to keep focused on healthy eating. Sounds like your running is going well:)

  5. Totally agree, we have to be strong through the holidays and keep our goals. Love how you had such a fantastic year. I know I haven't made very interesting comments, but I loved reading your posts about all of your successes.

    :-) Marion

  6. I have said it many times before Leigh. I love your Poonapalooza blog. It is so inspirational and you are so committed, focused and encouraging. I wish I could run. I walk but I envy you so much. You have done so well in such a short time. You are my mentor and a Champion and if you don't mind me saying, Hero. Please keep up the great work you are doing and I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas season and all the best in the new year. I am sure if the world ends on Dec 21st you can out run it :)Take care, Steve.

  7. Wow! What am inspiration! I've just found your blog and I'm hooked. I struggle with the cycle of working hard then sabatoging myself. Seems like you are kicking that habit for good. I'm a new follower!