Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa Shuffle 5K fun run

My newest bling!

I'm gonna start with some complaining.  Okay, this entire post is a complaint!  First off I have a crick in my neck.  I slept extremely poorly last night.  Jules has a stomach bug and vomited all over his bed at bedtime, then all over mine at 3am.  I had to change all of my bedding and started washing sheets at 3am.  Then to add insult to injury, this morning was the first time I ever called in "sick" for my Sunday Morning run.  So my weekly mileage this week?  A piddly 25K.  I am so going to crush running this week.  I'm incredibly antsy and can't wait until my last Learn to Run clinic tomorrow night.  Not because it's the last clinic, but because I really need to run.  I will miss my group, they are wonderful people and it was a pleasure instructing them.

Beverly and I before the Santa Shuffle.
I know we look like shit.  We're runners, not super models!

Yesterday I ran the Santa Shuffle 5K with some of my LTR group.  I was annoyed by a few things. First off, the race was supposed to start at 10am.  They made us stand in the cold and freeze our asses off while children I did not know did a 1K fun run.  Call me an old bitter cow, but I didn't care to watch the children run.  I was freezing my cojones off!  Okay, so I don't have cojones, but I was freaking cold and not happy to stand around for an additional 15 minutes.  Second, the course was not was 4.5 (as was noted on my Nike + Running app).  There's no way I ran a 33 minute 5K with my LTR clinic.  Not because they are slow...they are pretty fast, but I just managed a sub 33 minute 5K myself.  Thirdly, they made us wait around after the run, through the medal ceremony, before they would give out the regular medals. Any other race I've been to, you get your medal as soon as you cross the finish line.  Turns out they didn't have enough medals so if they gave them out as you crossed the finish line, the last people wouldn't get any.  Instead they let us fight over them in line afterwards. I'm not gonna lie, I elbowed some people out of the way.  Don't mess with me when it comes to medals!  Not sure if I would do this run again.  I may not have a choice depending on whether or not I teach LTR or 5K this time next year! And the upside is I did get a medal.

Showing off our bling!
L-R: Lianne, Amy, Beverly, Me, Kim

A very short post today as I'm extremely tired.  I did not sleep last night except for maybe 3 hours. I was too freaked out that Jules would vomit in his sleep again and my rest was minimal.  My hubby on the other hand?  He slept till 10am this morning. Nice!  I'm still doing laundry and I have to make a grocery list for tomorrow, get my running gear ready, prep for work...and I missed calling my dad today to say happy birthday. He's 82 years young today.  Happy birthday daddy:)