Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis the season for burning quads!

My cute little tree:)

So yesterday was a total write off.  Julien slept till afternoon, hubby and I still felt off, and we basically laid around all day in the house.  Although I felt off, I still made it out around lunch time for a 7k run.  Not  my best pace to date, but I still ran.  I made a huge pot of chicken soup with cabbage, onion, celery and carrots and we all ate that throughout the day.  I must have had three good helpings.  I tried to get as much energy into myself as possible because I knew I was going to do my long run this morning with my half marathon clinic.

The long run.  Again, definitely not my best pace to date.  We ran a route I had never run before. There were lots of hills and a good part of it was through a very hilly trail.  I loved the route.  It was very pretty and gave me a great workout, but I felt slow and I was trudging along at the back.  I wasn't last, but a close 6th to last.  We ran 10k and my quads are screaming right now.  I was able to get in 40+k this week which was my goal, but I need to accept that it's not necessarily a bad thing if I fall short in a week.  I'm thankful that I have a massage booked for 9am tomorrow morning.  I need it!

While I was running today, I ran past my former yoga instructor.  She yelled out to me, then sent me an email saying "hi".  Made me miss her class all over again.  Although I don't usually do New Years resolutions, my resolution for this year is to take her class beginning January 8th.  I really enjoyed yoga when I took it in the past and I know that my muscles and massage therapist will thank me.  It will definitely help out with my running...again.  I'm convinced that I had my best runs the day after I had my yoga class.

Today we went to get our tree.  The pickings were slim at Ikea, but because of my cheapness or frugality, which ever you choose to believe about me, I wasn't going to go anywhere else.  Jules picked the tree and it was the first short tree I have had in my house.  We have 10 foot ceilings and I normally get a 9.5 foot tree.  This tree fell about 3 feet short.  No matter Jules loves it and it's all about him.  We spent the afternoon decorating it and he's quite proud of his tree.  Some of the ornaments need to be separated at a later time (ie: after bedtime), but all in all, it's a pretty little tree.  Sort of Charlie Brownish!

We look tired.  We just got
over the plague!

Many are struggling about what to eat over the holiday season.  My plan is to stay on plan.  The way I eat today, at Christmas, at parties, at New the way I'm eating forever. My indulgence this holiday season?  Wine.  I will allow myself an extra glass or two of wine.  See, I can do that when I'm burning 4000 calories per week and I'm not replacing them with food.  It's all about moderation.  My wine fix?  Just for the holidays.  I'll go back to my regular glass per day on the weekends when the holidays have died down.

Since food and I have a new relationship, one built on respect and need only, then I am resigned to my choice now and for the rest of my holidays from here on in.  I love being in control of my life.  I will never use the excuse that I had no other options because nothing I could eat was at a dinner or a function I attended.  Careful planning is all it takes.  I've been doing this lifestyle for over 14 months now.  Making the excuse that I had no other options is just a bad cop out, and everyone who is close to me in my life knows it.  They would never let me hear the end of it!