Saturday, December 29, 2012

I've got nothing for a title...

Finn enjoying his winter wonderland:)

I am a tool!  I got a bunch of spam comments that were actually published on a post I wrote last 10 of them. So I thought that perhaps I should moderate my comments.  I've not gotten a bad comment (unless you count the Pizza Chicken debacle of last March) yet.  Knock wood.  Anyhow, in an attempt to moderate my spam, I've deleted three comments.  One from two posts anonymous comment from a "big fan south of Ottawa" (thanks for your kind words:), and two from my last post. Sorry PaulaMP and Enyonam:(  Your comments are always much appreciated!  So now I have resolved myself to just taking off the moderation and I tried word verification for like a day and took that off too.  I'm just gonna have to live on the edge and see what happens!

Today I had planned to go on a quick 5K run before my lunch company arrived.  My girlfriend, her hubby and little girl are coming over for a holiday visit.  I got up at 6:45am to put my slow cooker on, then thought I'd lie down for 15 more minutes...and I woke up at 8:30am!  I never sleep in that late.  I guess my body needed it.  So I didn't get my run in, and my friend called ten minutes before they were supposed to arrive to say they'd be another hour at least.  So in hindsight, I could have run...if I knew that they were going to be late earlier!

I'm not feeling too guilty about the skipped run today.  At our clinic on Thursday we did foam rolling and I'm not gonna lie,  I got tears in my eyes when I rolled out my IT Band and my quads.  It hurt like a (fill in expletive here).  Between that and the deep tissue massage earlier the same day, I've been sore. I'm up early tomorrow morning anyway to do my long run with my clinic and I'll likely run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before taking Friday off.  Shorter runs, but runs just the same.  The last time I took two rest days in a row was September 6th and 7th.

I'm looking forward to my lunch today. It's curried chicken with rutabaga in place of potatoes.  I cut the rutabaga into chunks and add it to the curry like I would potatoes.  You can use any root veggie for this.  Parsnips, turnip, even sweet potato.  Today is going to be a very good eating day. I have to prep for my long run tomorrow.  Lots of healthy food and water.  And maybe a glass of wine to balance everything out.  Cheers!

Wearing my size 8 jeans.  Man my
photographer is short!


  1. My photographer is short great picture however!

  2. A rest day really makes me stronger I have found. The muscles get all healed and ready to be challenged! Short photographers are the best! Take care.

  3. WELL! I've never been so insulted! LOL

  4. Yay on the size 8! You will have to post the curry chicken with rutabagas. Sounds yummy

    1. Hey Katrin, I make the same version that's on my recipe page but use white onion instead of green onion and rutabagas instead of Cauliflower. You can do it the way I originally posted it, that version is phase 1 friendly of the diet I follow. The way I make it would be the maintenance version. It's super yummy:)

  5. Wow, size 8 huh! You're still rocking I see! You look beautiful!

  6. Size 8 is awesome....and you need rest days. This is something I am slow at learning...but I know as much as you are running, rest is a good thing!

  7. You looks great in those new jeans!! I hate the word verification thing - I think it reduces the likelihood of comments and have removed it from my blog.

  8. You look amazing Leigh. You're efforts to run are always an inspiration.

  9. Size 8! Wow! I love the soft purple color of your sweater. A friend of mine recently commented that everyone looks pretty in purple, and I think she's right.