Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The post about a fibula, an air cast and being grounded until late November

The past couple of days have been a touch busier for me.  I went to physio yesterday to get Graham and Lana to show me how to do strengthening exercises where I don't need to stand or put weight on my right leg.  I got several new exercises to help strengthen my abs, triceps, biceps and my core overall.  Along with the glute, hamstring and quad exercises I already have, I have about a 45 minute workout.  I got resistance bands from physio and I already have the giant ball, so I'm good to go.  It's not what I'm used to, but it's something.

This morning was my appointment at the fracture clinic.  I was x-rayed again. It was quite amusing actually. One doctor comes in to talk to me, and asks all about how I hurt myself.  So I go through the story about how I was training for a marathon and this happened on my early morning run, blah, blah, blah.  So he looks at my x-ray, excuses himself, gets another doctor and a nurse. They all come back into the room and the doctor looks at me all serious like and says, "Leigh, we have some very bad news for you".  So I start to get heart palpitations.  I'm thinking that they're going to tell me I need surgery, or amputation or something.  I hold my breath as he says, "you won't be able to run your marathon".  Then I exhale and say, "That's it?" Yep that was it. Apparently, they didn't realize that I came in a cast and thought I had been nursing the ankle at home for a week before getting stuff done.  I laughed and said, "You guys had me thinking I was unfixable!  I'm a runner.  If I can't walk, you better believe I'm gonna get that checked out stat!" Everyone was relieved in the end.  Me because I didn't need surgery or a prosthetic. Them because I didn't start wailing.  Happy story, yes?

NO!  So not only did I fracture my fibula, but I also tore some ligaments in my ankle. I have a fracture and a very bad sprain.  I'm awesome.  When I getter done, I getter done!  I really don't do anything in half measures whether it be eating, training, or breaking my ankle.  So, I'm sporting a lovely removable air cast for the next four weeks (possibly six depending on how my 4 week x-ray goes).  I will also have to do 3-4 weeks of physio before I can start running on my ankle again. Which brings me right to half marathon training at the end of November.  I asked, and the doctors all agreed that it was a doable goal.  Phew. Dodged a bullet there!

Top photos: One week comparison.
Bottom Photos: My new air cast and my face almost looks normal!

Since I fell, I haven't had good movement in my neck.  I made my way to my massage appointment this afternoon and Mark worked on my back and neck for an hour.  I definitely have better movement now.  I'll go back for my regular three week appointment.  He may have to work on my good leg then.  When I had my cast off today and I was comparing my legs, my left calf is already noticeably bigger than my right.  Right side looks all week and scrawny.  Can't do anything about that I suppose.  I'll just have to work the calf harder when it's well again.

Since I have a removable cast, I'm gonna do an official weigh in tomorrow morning.  Then I will weigh myself every two weeks.  I know that the scale can still be an issue for me.  As long as I keep eating on plan, I don't need to weigh myself regularly.  When I was losing weight on Dr. Poon, I became a little obsessed with the scale and would weigh myself all the time.  It got to the point where I'd weigh myself several times a day. Since weight can fluctuate by pounds during the day, I'd get all freaked out and upset.  I started only getting weighed on Dr. Poon's scales because I knew I was committed to the diet and I was on plan.  I usually lost 5 pounds every two weeks (except near the end).  That continued to happen regardless of how much I weighed myself or obsessed over it. Even while I've been on maintenance, I usually only weigh myself about once a month.  I'm pretty in tune with my body now, and I'd know if I gained weight.

Eating over the past couple of days has been pretty good.  My hunger is dwindling which is good for now, but makes me realize that my metabolism is not as powerful as it was.  I haven't run since September 3rd when I did my Labor Day run in the rain during the parade.  A good running memory to keep with me.  So no cardio in nine days.  I'm feeling like an addict quitting smack.  I'm jonesing for my runner's high, and I got nothing.  Running still consumes my thoughts and at least I have my husband to live through vicariously.  He's still training for his half marathon.  The bastard.

I have been occupying my time with a jigsaw puzzle (thanks for the suggestion again Luana).  It's quite addictive.  It's been years since I worked on one.  Dare I say it's more addictive than the "literature" I read right now?  OK, maybe not.  I gotta do something to keep my brain from turning to mush.  There's only so much stuff I can look at and pin on Pinterest!  I've had some awesome people messaging me from all over the world.  Malaysia, Ireland, India.  It's so awesome that I have so much support.  And I of course like to give support where I can.  Thanks to all again for all the touching messages and comments.  Your words brighten my day.

My eats over the past two days.  Lots of cabbage today. I don't feel
remotely sorry for my hubby.  He still runs.  The bastard!