Sunday, September 29, 2013

The post about my weekend in bullet form (due to sheer laziness)

Had to swipe this off of Karen's Pinterest.  It was written especially for me:)

  • I tell you, I am just lazy, lazy, lazy!  That's right.  I'm a huge whiner.  Today I'm using bullets for my post because I just feel like it.  
  • Yesterday was a fun filled day of house chores which included laundry, general tidy up, and meal prep.
  • Yesterday I tweeted with my friend over in Ireland.  He always makes me feel better and is a good listener...or maybe reader, since I'm not really talking to him.
  • Yesterday I made an awesome roast with sauteed green beans and garlic mashed cauliflower.  The green beans were delish, but I think I put too much pepper flakes in them.  I had a couple of coughing fits.
  • I love that cauliflower is in season right now.  I could eat garlic mashed cauliflower everyday.  The trick to a creamy cauliflower is to over cook it then drain it really good. A tablespoon of light cream cheese doesn't hurt either. And I use a hand mixer to beat it all together.  Yummy!
  • Yesterday I started my fourth 1000 piece puzzle.  This gal knows how to live!

The pets enjoying the great outdoors. I have another cat,
but she's never around.

  • Today was my hubby's longest run ever! He ran 18K. He's tired and sore right now.  He also ran 160+K for the month of August.  I'm VERY proud of him!  One month left until his first half marathon (Niagara Falls).
  • Today was supposed to have been a scale back week for me.  I was scheduled to run 23K.  Right now I feel like I wouldn't be able to do 5K.  I'm eager to get back to running, but scared at the same time.
  • I spent waaaaaaaaaay too much time on Pinterest today.  The good news is, if you're following my Facebook page, there are some really good looking Paleo recipes on there.  There are also a bunch of good ones pinned to my Pinterest board Primal and Paleo.
  • I spent the day making lots of food in my crock pots.  Now I have no food left in my fridge. I must go shopping tomorrow.
  • I'm buying two turkeys because they are on sale for 88 cents a pound.  I'm gonna roast one this week and make turkey soup too.  Very excited because I LOVE turkey!

Julien posing with Luigi and Red Toad. He made a bed for Luigi out of leaves.
My POV while reading on my deck. Decided to stop whining because I love my hair.

  • I have decided to grow my hair another few inches then get a nice long layered cut for shape.  I think I will get the bangs back this week though.  Now that the weather's cooler, I can rock the bangs again.
  • Just in case you're wondering because I know you are, I use Moroccan Oil in my hair.  Makes it super shiny and soft.  I use less than a teaspoon for my entire head.  I work it into the ends mostly.
  • I'm eating celery and drinking water right now.
  • Chris P. made my day yesterday.  She said I inspired her to run her first 5k this past July. She's in recovery mode right now (due to surgery) but is getting back into running.  I love hearing stuff like that!
  • Karen was wondering what program I use for the collages I do.  I use Fotor.  It's easy to use and has a good editing tool too.
  • I'm so bored right now that I'm re-reading a book I know I have read in the past.  I didn't realize I had read it until I got a few chapters in.  I decided to keep reading it because it was pretty steamy. Yup, really bored.  I never re-read books...unless they are particularly good pieces of literature.
  • Literature is code for smut.
  • I kinda like the bullets.  Takes off the pressure of having to use proper sentence structure.
  • My broken ankle is achy today and itchy.  I hope that means something good...
  • I leave you with my food journal and my daily eats.  My literature is not going to read itself.
  • Oh! and only 9 more days until my next x-ray. Fingers and toes crossed that they tell me I can start physio and chuck the moon boot!

My food journal. The activity stuff is the same lame stuff I do everyday.
Strengthening exercises and house crap!

My food from the past two days.  I must say, I eat pretty damn good.
The crock pot has the turkey sausage ratatouille.  I just threw all the ingredients
in and six hours later...voila!  It was delish.