Thursday, September 12, 2013

The post about returning to work, a weigh-in and driving my dream

Today was an exciting day.  I had a phone conference for a "return to work" meeting with my employer. Since I can't drive and I need to drive for my job, it was agreed that I could do a lot of the "extra stuff" I do at home.  I have a couple of projects that are due in November.  I have another that's not due till spring, but I can work on that as well.  I got permission to work 21 hours from home per week.  It's something and will help occupy my days.  There's only so many literature books, jigsaw puzzles and strengthening exercises I can do in a day!  Tomorrow my hubby is available to drive me into the office so that I can pick up all the stuff I need so I can work from home.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the house for a few hours.

Today I weighed myself.  The last time I stepped on the scale was September 3rd.  Labor Day.  I weighed 166 then.  Today I weighed 164.5.  So that's a 1.5 pound loss in nine days.  I'll take it! Not too shabby considering I'm not moving much.  Just a quick side note, that is also my lowest recorded adult weight.  I'd like to drop about 10 more pounds.  I'm in no hurry.  I have until I start half marathon training at the end of November to get there.  That's plenty of time to drop ten pounds.  Once the cast is off (hopefully on the 8th of October), I'll walk.  I'll start out with short walks, then work my way up.  I'll do what ever my physiotherapist tells me to.  I'm making sure I heal 100%.

Today I got an awesome phone call from one of the organizers of the Bright Run.  I won second prize in the raffle they had this past weekend.  Second prize is the "Drive your Dream" weekend. Basically, I won a weekend at a historical inn at Niagara-on-the-Lake ($750.00 value), and I get the use of a Lexus convertible for the entire weekend!  Such a great prize!  I already knew about it because my gal Beverly (who is one of the organizers of the event) called me right after they pulled my name on Saturday.  I didn't want to say anything until it was all official like though.  I'm superstitious about stuff like that.  Thanks for selling me the winning ticket Beverly:)

Short post today.  Off to finish my jigsaw puzzle, then read some literature.  Sleeping is not my friend. Who knew it would be so awkward to sleep with a giant moon boot on?  Oh and I forgot to mention, hubby got to run 6 hills today.  Have I mentioned lately that he's a BASTARD?

My eats and my weigh-in.  Yes that is my broken ankle out of the cast.
At least I get to take it off to shower.