Monday, September 2, 2013

The post about a long run in the rain, Plum Petals and spaghetti squash Primavera with shrimp

A rainy back ground for a rainy run.

Even though I swore up and down last week that I would NEVER give away my long run again, I let my hubby run yesterday and I put off my run until this morning.  I did this because a) today was a holiday b) It meant that I could rest tomorrow which meant I didn't have to get up at 5:30 am to run because I'm back to work c) if I ran yesterday, I'd only have had 5 days between long runs d) I wanted to run through the Labor Day parade. I knew it was going to rain and I had initially wanted to run early, but I ended up running later (10 am) so I could run with the parade.  I'm part of a union and I only wish I had thought it out more thoroughly and worn a bib with my local on it.  Oh well. Next year.

My run was okay today.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad.  It was a scale back week so I had 19K on my training schedule.  The age old question of did my toes cramp?  Yup.  They cramped at 13K, and again at 17K.  I was able to walk them out both times and resume my run comfortably after about a minute or so.  It was drizzling when I left the house.  It started to full out pour by the time I joined the Labor Day parade at 6K.  It rained pretty steady and hard for a few kilometers. My fingers were getting pruney, that's how soaked I was.  The rain finally let up and by 12K, the sun came out.  It didn't dry me very well.  I was soaked and sweaty.  When I got home I had to wring out my running clothes in my tub.  Lovely.

All in all my pace was decent (7:13) for a LSD (long slow distance).  I did a double loop through the city and had a lot of lights to contend with as well as 8 hills. I also walked out my toes a couple of times and ate half an energy gel at 10K.  This was my first run where I actually ate an energy gel. I usually eat gummies, but ran out and had energy gels left over from the Chilly Half Marathon back in March.  They gave them out on the route and I got bunch that I stuffed in my coat pockets (it was cold).  I wasn't sure if I would like the gels or not.  I tried the lemon flavored Eload and it was decent.  Hubby likes the vanilla flavored Clif Shot gel, so we're both happy.  I have equal amounts of each.  For those of you wondering what gels are, the are used by athletes to replenish lost electrolytes during long periods of stenuous exercise.  I usually use them for any runs over 14K. Everyone's different though.  My hubby uses them for 10K runs (which I think is totally unnecessary).  I think he just likes the taste.

These can be purchased at running stores or health food stores.

I really loved a comment I got on my last post from Ayesha (Plum Petals) at Workin' it Out.  I love all my comments, but hers had me thinking about her today while I ran.

I kept thinking of you today when I got on the treadmill to do my 1 hour cardio session. I didn't jog the whole time, but during my jogging portions I definitely had you as my motivation. 

She lives in Kuwait and is a total inspiration with all the different forms of fitness she does (as well her own weight-loss journey).  She's a Zumba instructor, loves to box, does body pump, crossfit, is studying to become a personal trainer and is also learning the martial art of Kajukenbo.  Any way, bottom line, she is awesome!  Her comment humbled me to think that someone in Kuwait is motivated by me.  How cool is that?

It also made me think about all the incredible people I care about from all over the world.  I have never met any of these people but I feel so invested in their stories, that I feel a total kinship with them.  I read so many blogs and I think about their writers even when I'm not reading their blog posts.  I may not always comment, but I always read, and I think about these individuals often. People from all over Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Europe.  It baffles my mind to think of all the inspiration that is out there in blog land.  I appreciate you all more than you know.

Hubby and I went out on a date night Saturday.  We haven't been out in ages.  We decided to go to all you can eat Japanese.  Although I stayed on plan as closely as I could, I have to chalk it up as a cheat night because there were some sauces involved.  Hubby cheated for sure.  He had sushi.  I stuck to sashimi (raw fish, no rice).  But I also ordered stir fried veggies and some meat dishes that had sauces with them.  All you can eat was completely lost on us.  We did not eat that much at all before we were both saying we were stuffed.  It gets to a point when I eat now where I think I just get tired and bored of eating (unless of course there are nuts involved).  I used to eat just for the sake of eating and now I'm at a point in my life where I just don't want to eat anymore.  I'm satisfied, I'm not hungry, and food means something different to me now.  I am thankful for that.  My mind still wanders to binging, but because I stay away from processed carbs and sugar completely, those thoughts are usually easily redirected.

This recipe is for Melodie and can be either Phase 2 friendly (Dr. Poon),
Paleo or Primal, or just good clean eating!

Last night I made a yummy Spaghetti Squash Primavera with Shrimp dish that I adapted from this recipe. I used spaghetti squash in place of regular pasta, used the veggies I had on hand (eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes) and omitted the Parmesan cheese.  I used red pepper flakes in place of black pepper and I added chopped garlic and about 1/2 cup of white wine.  It was simple and yummy.  Hubby loved it!  It was light but filling.  Jumbo shrimp was on sale at Fortino's last week.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  Julien has been acting excited about it, but I think he's also anxious.  I know I was when I was going into grade 1!  I'm going to take him with hubby, then I'm headed back to work.  I've been lucky because I've been off most of the summer.  I'm ready to go back though.  The temperatures are looking like a mix of fall and summer over the next week.  I love the fall.  I love that it's Julien's birthday, I love the clothes, the temperature for running, the build up to Christmas.  It's definitely one of my favorite times of year.  The clothes take precedence though.  I get to wear lots of cute jackets which hide my bat wings.  That is definitely one of the best things about fall:)