Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The post about another slippery LSD, Jaclyn Smith hair and thrifty finds

Despite the more seasonal temperatures, Sunday's run was another slow
and slippery one! About 5K was on ice! Really need Yaktrax...

  • Sunday's long slow distance really was slow. Super slow. I mistakenly assumed that since the temperatures had been mild for the two days leading up to my long run day, that most of the ice would be melted. Wrong! Even the roads were slick. At least half of my run was done on icy surfaces. The up side is that I'm becoming an efficient ice runner. It takes waaaaaaaay too much concentration to run on the ice though. I am definitely investing in a pair of Yaktax for next winter. I'll get them in the spring when I teach a running clinic at the Running Room and get back my employee discount. It's a sweet discount! And since I'm getting them for next winter, it will be the driest winter we've had in years...I just know it!
  • Right now I am listening to one of my favorite authors while I run. Wally Lamb!!! Love all of his books. I just downloaded an audio copy of We are Water from the Hamilton library. I'm excited to run because I love to run, but also because I get to listen to my book.  Wally Lamb is a great story teller, and he also narrates the book. A nice break from "literature" for a while...
  • Yesterday I had something I haven't eaten in over two years. Indian lunch buffet with a client. This was the first time a client has chosen Indian food as their meal of choice. I was surprised to say the least.  I love Indian food and it was my "last supper" before my lifestyle change. That would be the last meal I had on September 16, 2011, the day before I started Dr. Poon.  Definitely a cheat day because I ate sauces and I have no idea what they were.  But I stuck to chicken, some chili fish and fresh fruit. It was definitely yummy, and I got my Indian fix for a good while now. I didn't feel great right afterwards.  I felt bloated.  By the end of the afternoon, my bloat subsided because I drank water like a champ.  No repercussions today, and I got right back on plan as soon as I left the buffet. 

My new leather jacket from Value Village!!!!!

  • Yesterday I ventured to Value Village to scope out some new skinny jeans. I heard there was a 50% off sale, but it was only for members.  How was I not a member until yesterday? I am a VV fanatic! Anyway, I was not successful in finding skinny jeans, but I did find this awesome lambskin leather jacket for...wait for it...$5.99.  That's right I said $5.99! I have a very similar Danier one, but it is longer and a touch big on me. This one fits me like a glove and cost $5.99!  If I was a member and got the 50% off, it would have cost me $3. I don't get it. It was marked down so low because the leather is distressed and warn, just the way I like it! I wore it today and got mucho compliments on it.
  • Monday was a bang less and sock bun kinda day.  I love the curls I get after I take the sock bun out. I feel like I have Jaclyn Smith hair...except mine is not so thick.  And Jaclyn Smith is gorgeous! I hope I age like her.  She's 68 and is still smoking hot. Every time I take the sock bun out and get these awesome curls, I have nowhere to go but bed...

Don't we look identical? OK, maybe not. But my hair is pretty big post sock bun!

  • Today I ventured to Old Navy and Reitmans in search of skinny jeans. Old Navy was a mess. The clearance section was too chaotic and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I currently wear a pair of size 8 skinny jeans, but they are getting baggy in the butt and thigh area. I can still wear them, but they need a belt so if I want to wear something form fitting, The belt sticks out like a sore thumb. I tried on a pair of size 7 skinny jeans from Reitmans and they fit me pretty good. They were under $10 on clearance and were originally priced at $46. I would NEVER pay $46 for a pair of jeans. Even if I did have money lying around. I'm cheap like that.
  • My bangs are getting long again. I posted this question on FB, Twitter and Instagram. Should I get them trimmed, or leave them long? The almost unanimous consensus was that I should leave them long. I think I will for now. I am going to see Kristjan for a haircut very soon. The end of January marks 1 year since I had my makeover for the Steven and Chris Show. (Wow! I just looked at the link, and I don't look like that anymore. I weighed 165 during that show taping. And I still think I had on waaaaay too much make up!) Kristjan was the last stylist to cut my hair. So my hair has grown at least 5" in the last year. It fell just below my shoulders for the show. Now it almost reaches my boobs! I definitely need a good cut and style. And I want Kristjan to do it. But I need to get $100 together to go see him. He's expensive!

The long bangs stay!

  • I got the crap scared out of me today. I drive a lot for my job, and I have had many near misses on the highway. Mostly with transport trailers. The big trucks freak me out and nothing makes me more nervous than being boxed in by a few big rigs.  During rush hour in bumper to bumper traffic, you always get the impatient driver that swerves in and out of traffic to get one car length ahead. I mean seriously, is that really going to buy you significant time? NO!!!!!!! Today an SUV was behind me while we were driving 40KM/hr. I was in the far left lane and had a rig beside me.  The SUV was tailgating me which pissed me off because I have no where to go loser!  I like to leave room between me and the guy ahead of me in case he breaks suddenly. Anyway, the guy in front of me slams on his breaks and I break causing the SUV to miss barreling into me by inches.  I watched him in my rear view mirror and braced myself for impact, but he ended up going onto the shoulder instead and I nearly wet myself. Hate him and hate that I have no control over the bad drivers around me.
  • I stopped into the mechanics this afternoon for an oil change. I had my client with me because he asked if he could check out the garage.  He's interested in cars and is thinking of getting into the automotive trade. So I brought him along to chat up my mechanics.While we were there, there was another guy (well call him Dude) waiting for his car and he was a serial talker. Now I guess I am just not that perceptive, but after we left, my client told me that Dude was checking me out, a lot. I am dense because I did not notice. I went to the bathroom and went into the garage to talk to my mechanic a couple of times. When I left, Dude asked my client if we were together. My client is 20! Sometimes I don't think I look 43, but with a 20 year old? Shit. That made me feel icky. My client told me Dude was looking at my ass and staring at me. And I am oblivious the entire time.  The only thing I did notice about Dude was his very impressive mullet. I haven't seen such a specimen since the 80's. It put Joe Dirt's mullet to shame. Although the 80's is making a bit of a comeback, I'm pretty sure the mullet should stay in the past.  We did have a good hearty laugh over the mullet after we left the garage.
  • Here is the 21st video in the Anniversary Series of videos. Man, our anniversary was on November 2nd and we're just at #21 now! Only 2 left after this I think. Anyway, it's called Driving to St. Catherines. We are leaving Niagara-on-the-Lake and heading back to the dealership to drop the Lexus off. Hubby is sad and I talk about trying on brand new leather coats.