Saturday, January 25, 2014

The post about more cold running, Twitter hacks and Steven and Chris...revisited

Feeling bad ass, hardcore and bat shit crazy all at once!

  • I don't have much to talk about today. Let's see. What did I do yesterday? I got up at 5am and ran at about 5:40. It was very cold. It's hard enough running in the dark, but running in the dark in extreme cold temperatures is just that little extra kick in the crotch. My eye lashes froze together again and my sweat formed tiny icicles on my face. That always makes me feel a bit hardcore.  I never eat before I run. That's called a fasting workout and burns any fat stores you have. I have noticed a difference in my legs and thighs. I haven't dropped a lot of weight, but I have gotten smaller.  Small enough that I went down a size.  I do eat as soon as I get home though to rebuild muscle.  
  • Well I went to the dentist for my 6 month check up. I apparently have very good bone density. That's supposed to be important according to my dentist. Every time I go there, they treat me like I'm someone special. Everyone. My dentist, dental hygienist, and the receptionists.  It's kinda awkward.
  • But not as awkward as seeing Pete (my admirer) at the Tim Horton's drive-thru yesterday. He didn't make eye contact with me and was a bit cold towards me. Strange young man. I was being exceptionally chipper and friendly to try and show him that I didn't think anything of what he said to me on Tuesday. I didn't go to Timmies today so I'll try to convince him this whole thing is just water under the bridge on Monday. Not sure how I'll do that just yet. Maybe we need some time apart and I should frequent a different Tim's for a week or so...
  • I have been eating out like it's my job all week. Oh wait a minute, it is my job. I have dined with several of my clients and was only home for dinner once.  Even when I am out I follow Paleo as closely as possible. I ate at a rotisserie chicken place twice, so that's easy because I get half a chicken with either salad or sweet potato fries. I also ate at the Pickle Barrel. I normally get a salad there with grilled chicken, but this week I ended up getting a shaved turkey sandwich without the bread and I doubled the meat and had garden salad with it. It was good. I also ate at the Mandarin, which is super easy. There's a big salad bar, a carvery, grilled meat and fresh fruit. So it's easy to eat there. Even when I followed Dr. Poon's diet, I ate there at least once a week because I had two clients who always chose Mandarin for lunch. Because I eat out so much, and have been since I've been at this job (in my 14th year), I find it easiest to make a plan and stick to it. My plan has always been poultry (when possible) and salad or vegetables. So that is usually what I get when I eat out. Once in a while I'll get sweet potato fries. And only because my running mileage is going up now.
  • I'm watching the blizzard like conditions outside my window right now and am not looking forward to my 5K run tomorrow. I ran 5 hill repeats today. I'm not gonna lie. When I started out and the wind was bitch slapping my face, I made it about a kilometer before I felt like admitting defeat and heading back to the Running Room. But then I kept telling myself that if I do that even one time, I'll give myself permission to do it again, and then again and before I know it, I'll be skipping runs left right and center. So I sucked it up. And I'm glad I did. By the time I made it to the Mac Hill I was sweating, felt nice and warmed up and my hills were a breeze. So my eyelashes froze together and the sweat froze to my face and my water froze, but I got it done. And I felt bad ass. There's nothing better than the feeling after a particularly difficult run. Although the run felt awesome, the weather was a pain in the ass and sometimes even painful.
  • My Twitter got hacked today. I got a few direct messages from people saying that I sent them messages with attachments they couldn't open. This happened to me when I first signed up for Twitter just over a year ago. Perhaps it's a yearly occurrence? Who knows. All I know is if you follow me on Twitter, don't open anything with an attachment unless it's my blog post or an Instagram picture:) I've reset my password. This is what I had to do last time. I also had to delete a few tweets that weren't mine. Oh well, hopefully this has been remedied. No one has DM'd me since around 5pm.
  • I also want to apologize in case anyone has seen inappropriate ads on my website. I have no idea what's going on with the ads on blogger and other sites I frequent. There are ads popping up all over the place and words highlighted in blue on other people's blogs that have never run ads before. If I scroll over the blue, an ad pops up. I was alerted by Myra that there was a provocative ad objectifying women that popped up on my site. It was there for a moment, then when she went back to see again, it was an ad for a Quest Bar. I have no idea how that ad showed up on my blog, and I can't figure out why all these ads are showing up on pretty much every site I go to. Even government websites! I haven't done anything different or changed any settings on my server. So I am stumped. Sorry if you've seen a disgusting ad on my site. I didn't put it there. The only ads I ever see on my site are for fitness products, or weight-loss. 
  • It was one year ago today that I taped the Steven and Chris Show. Funny how I remember the date. Funnier still, I remember how freaking cold it was that day because we walked from the CBC studio to Kelsey's for lunch after and froze our asses off. The day was pretty much a mirror image of today. When I look back at the photos of me at that time, I know that I look different today. I really had a blast taping that show. It was so much fun and really helped out a lot with my self esteem. But the picture on the left does not look like me. Kristjan called it the Kardashian look and he had to put heavy make up on me for the cameras, but I think I look a lot older there. The shape of my face has changed and of course my hair has grown a lot. I did listen to what he taught me though. Although I do not wear a lot of make-up and I don't wear it everyday, I still do the 5 in 5 routine he showed me. I always start with moisturizer, then concealer under the eyes and over blemishes, pressed powder over the entire face, blush, mascara and lip color. I actually don't do the lip color unless I'm going out, but I do use balm like a champ. It really does take five minutes to put my face on every morning. He gave me $500 in Aveda products. They are long gone and have been switched for Covergirl and Maybelline products. Shhhh, don't tell him. They work just as well in my opinion.
  • I'm off to bed. For someone who had nothing to say, I sure rambled on for a spell. I apologize for that too. Not a very exciting weekend. Laundry and roasting a turkey. That's pretty much it. And trying to keep warm. Sunday is my long run (14K) and the temperature is supposed to be -18C. Piece of cake. I ran in that temperature all last winter! Enjoy your weekend:)

Loved my hair color a year ago!


  1. You're beautiful in both pictures but then when I feel like I know someone pretty well they look pretty regardless. I think those popups are based on the internet habits of those who come to various sites rather than the sites being visited. When I came here today I saw the ad for gravity defier shoes and I have ordered some. The Quest Bar ads come from my end as well as I order them. I really don't like having to deal with this when I a visiting blogs but I don't know what to do about it either. You are so right about giving yourself permission to cut a run short or skip one altogether. It gets easier and easier to keep on doing that and pretty soon you will feel rotten over it. Good job knowing yourself. We can be our own worst enemies if aren't proactive. Take care.

  2. I don't see any ads on your blog except weight loss ones. I like the picture with makeup but I think you look prettier in the natural one. Your hair grew a lot in a year!

  3. You totally are a bad ass running :)
    You look lovely x

  4. You kinda look like Valerie Bertinelli in the left photo, not a disgusting Kardasian! LOL

    I haven't seen any of the ads you talk about. What internet software do you use? IE, Firefox, or Chrome? (I'm on Chrome.)

    I think you are insane to run in weather like that, but I respect your desire to do so. LOL Just don't drop dead on us, mmmkay? ;)

    Have a great one!

  5. I use Chrome and "ad blocker". I never see ads on any website. You are looking great in that photo! One thing I'll say is that when you get older (ie my age) you can't wear powder because it simply settles in your wrinkles. I wear Revlon "Age Perfect" makeup which is not too heavy and does not show off my wrinkles too much. As for your running? Are you nuts??? LOL

  6. OK so I turned off my adblocker and yes, you have lots of ads appearing on your blog. This is a setting you opt for isn't it? I know I opted to have no ads on mine so there better not be any!!

  7. I get adds tor "fitness singles" and LOL!!!!! I think that if you as an individual to to porn sites, you'll see porn adds.... Or if your computer gets infected and the re-directs happen. Glad you got the hacking figure out...

    Do you take rest days??? Safe travels. Eating out and finding enough protein is key for me, so great job

    1. Karen's got it IMHO. The sites pick up on cookies/browsing history that are in your computer. I went to once to look at a hello kitty nighty that someone linked to on FB and half the time that is what I see in ads on blogs. It is borderline naughty (think four pictures of crotches in undies in one ad) but I know what it is from. Right now I see an ad for and I know I went to that site yesterday after reading a bloggers post on it.

      Ice of your face? Yeah I don't car if your just walking to the car (I know you were not lol) that is bad ass to this cold FL gal.