Sunday, January 19, 2014

The post about some skinny jeans, an inappropriate menu and my longest run (post broken ankle)

  • I am going to try and keep this as short and sweet as I can. I am not feeling great. I had full on laryngitis last night, and I'm dealing with sporadic laryngitis today. My throat feels like I've swallowed a bunch of razor blades.  The good news is that no one else in my family is sick.  But more importantly, I did not miss a run this weekend:) The bad news is that I think I'll likely be calling in sick tomorrow. I need rest, lemon, honey and ginger (a prescription given to me by this brilliant doctor I know:). So I'm using pictures for this post, with a few bullets here and there.
  • Friday night I went out to dinner with my father and brother. While driving out to my dad's place, I stopped into Old Navy to look at some jeans because I was emailed a coupon. For the fun of it I tried on a pair of size 6 (US) skinny jeans. Regardless of the fact that my legs look like sausages in them and they feel like compression pants, I was able to button and zip them without a struggle. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would fit into a size 6 anything. One of my goals during weight-loss was to be able to shop in regular sized clothing stores. I figured I would have been happy enough fitting into a size 14 and XL.  When I got down to a size 12, I was ecstatic.  Wearing size 6 is surreal to me. Skinny jeans do not suit my runner's legs. I have thick upper thighs and calves due to muscle. I'm okay with that. Perhaps when I start strength training in the spring, they'll lean out a bit and I can revisit the skinny jeans.  I did end up purchasing a pair of size 6 boot leg jeans. Picture to follow Patricia:)

And, I would never purchase a pair of jeans with
holes in them. 

  • Last week I took a client to eat at Wimpy's Diner. Now is it just me, or does that menu sound a bit suggestive? I posted a picture on Instagram and everyone who commented on it was focused on the amount of meat the burger was. I was focused on the "Wow...It's Big! It's Juicy!" "ARE YOU READY FOR IT?" Am I a 12-year-old boy in a 43-year-old woman's body? Maybe.  And just in case you're wondering, I ordered salad with grilled chicken and drank about 4 glasses of water with lemon.  My client did not get the 20oz burger, but opted for the 10oz instead.

Yes, my mind is in the gutter!

  • Yesterday I met my gal Tanya at the Running Room and we headed out for a 5K run. We got some newly fallen snow and the roads were a bit slick, but nothing compared to the sheet of ice we ran on last Saturday. She's moving to Stockholm at the end of February, so I'd like to get as many runs in with her that I can. We both felt pretty sluggish. I wasn't feeling great because my throat was sore, and Tanya is still coming back from her running hiatus which included some injuries. Regardless of the fact that we both felt like crap, we were able to smile for the camera and getter done! And afterwards, I got to watch Tanya purchase a bitch'in pair of new shoes. They were purple!

My Adidas are ready for retirement. 767.5K I've clocked in those babies.
My Mizunos only have 384K on them, so they'll have to do until I get my
employee discount back in the spring.

  • My brother-in-law spent the last four days with us. Julien LOVES it when Uncle Ross comes to see him. They are super close and have a ton of fun together. We were trying to figure out what to do last night and hubby reminded me that we had $150 left on our gift card for the Prince of Wales Hotel. So we decided to drive to Niagara Falls to see the Festival of Lights. First we drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake and ate dinner in the P of W Hotel lounge. That's right, I brought my 6-year-old into a bar. Don't judge me. He ordered milk with a yogurt chaser.  Dinner was nice, but my hubby and BIL did nothing but complain about what a rip off everything was. Yes the food is over priced, but we can't take the $150 in cash, so we might as well use the card up!  The Festival of Lights was lovely. By this time though, I had completely lost my voice. Probably not a bad thing for my family, but I can't keep quiet. It was painful for me.  After we saw the lights, we headed to the arcade for about 1.5 hours where I slept upright on a bench, then headed back home. I got ZERO pictures of the lights because my phone died:(

Some snaps in the hotel lounge. Check out the mini
ketchup and mustard!

  • This morning I woke up and had my voice back. Although it was quite husky and raspy (aka: jazz lounge singer), I could talk and it didn't feel as painful as it does right now. So I geared up, and headed out for my LSD (long slow distance) just after 9am. I felt sluggish. My legs felt like lead. And although it usually takes a few kilometers for me to get my rhythm during a run, it never came today. To add insult to injury, my toes cramped pretty badly by 10.5K and I suddenly remembered very clearly what Morton's Neuroma feels like. It frick'in hurts! Thank goodness I had Wally Lamb to distract me because the last 1.5K was spent with me cursing my feet and wishing I could have them transplanted. If that was possible, I'd like them to be size 8 please.  Regardless of feeling like a pile of horse manure, I got my run done.  I watched my phone to see exactly when I got to 12K and walked the last 300 meters home because I had to work out the cramps in my toes. It scares me to have my toes cramp so early. How am I going to run 30K?  Pre-broken ankle, I was able to run 26K, so I'm just keeping the faith that all will be well.

Why the smile when I'm feeling like shit? Because I'm done!!!!!!

  • Here is the final video in the Anniversary Series.  It's called Driving the shit box. We're back in my car and it's loud and smells like gas. Yes it did make a ton of noise and had no pick-up because it was in desperate need of a tune up. It has since been serviced and runs like a dream now...NOT. It's still a piece of crap. Night, night beautiful people. I need to go and rest my head. I'm tired and my voice is gone once again:(