Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The post about snow cheeks, a productive morning and Paleo banana bread

Snow cheeks!

  • What was with all that overnight snow on Sunday night to Monday morning? I check the forecast RELIGIOUSLY for obvious reasons. We were supposed to get less than 1cm overnight. Imagine my surprise when I woke to 7.5 cm (3 inches) of snow on Monday morning. And I had to be in the office early for a meeting. I didn't get in till about 10:20 because I was driving behind a convoy of plows along the QEW.  The meeting should have been well underway. But alas, it was cancelled due to the weather. Now I am sure that I am the one who lives furthest away so WTF? I could have worked from home!!!!! I tell you, I never catch a break!
  • Although I was tempted to run yesterday morning so I wouldn't have to run in the frigid temperatures of this morning, I ended up resting as planned. Had I run, it would have been my 6th run in a row. I ran just after 8 am this morning. It was a touch colder than what it says on the weather forecast above. Minus 25C, -27C makes no difference in the grand scheme of things.  I can't really tell the difference in 2 degrees.  I will say this though,it was so cold that the running app on my phone did not work. My GPS froze and it said I only ran 3K.
  • I woke at 5am. Although the temperature wasn't supposed to get much warmer by sunrise, I just wanted to run in the daylight. It's hard enough running when it's -27C, but running in the dark in -27C is crazy!!!! I was supposed to run 6K, but wimped out at 5K because my lungs were on fire from the cold and I couldn't feel my toes anymore. There was another runner that I ran by twice during my run. I think he was doing the same route as me but backwards. He had a brown goatee which was completely white from sweat. My eyelashes froze together and my cheeks got snow/icicles on them from my sweat. I still manage to sweat in frigidly cold temperatures. I have to admit, miserable weather aside, I felt bad ass this morning.  I ran my best pace in a few weeks (6:32/K) and I deemed myself certifiably bat shit crazy. There's a real freedom in finally admitting that you have a problem.
  • Although I waited around to run this morning, I got more done in that 3 hours, than I did over the entire weekend.  I cleaned up the kitchen mess from the night before, I made banana bread, I prepared the slow cooker for Bolognese sauce (for dinner tonight), I made Julien's lunch, I made hard boiled eggs for the week, I cleaned the turkey carcass (to prepare for soup) from Sunday, I cleaned up all the dishes again, I read blogs, answered some emails, tended to my cats and enjoyed a few cups of coffee. Then I ran, got ready for work and drove to Toronto, then Brampton for client meetings. Busy, busy day! 
  • I decided not to take a break from my Tim Horton's drive-thru guy.  The young man who has a crush on me and works the drive-thru window was pretty much back to normal yesterday. I acted the same as I usually do and we exchanged a bit of small talk. As much small talk as you can in 30 seconds or less. I feel relieved because I felt badly for him. I know he was embarrassed, but he needs to know that I am incredibly easy going. So we are good and he seemed comfortable with me again. Yay!
  • Sometimes I think I come off as very snobby to others. Today I was in Starbucks in Vaughan and there was a suit (business man) sitting at a communal table. I faced him as I lined up for coffee and he looked up at me, kept eye contact with me while he folded his arms across his chest and sat back in his chair, still staring at me. Now the first thing that popped into my head? Why is he staring at me? What's wrong with me? Then he smiled at me and I didn't know what to do so I abruptly looked away. And then I felt guilty because I felt like I was being rude. And I never looked at him again. Now I could have just smiled back and then looked away, but I panicked because I am who I am. I need to work on reciprocating kind looks and accepting compliments from others. Usually when someone compliments me, I counter that compliment with an immediate put down about myself. Example? "Your legs look awesome in those pants". Answer..."that's because they hide all my flaws". Why I can't just say "thank you" instead of putting myself down is beyond me. I am going to practice compliment acceptance as should we all because I know I'm not alone!
  • I just baked my first loaf of Paleo Banana bread. My hubby actually filmed a bit of Julien and I making it, and he's uploading it onto his Facebook. I'll share it to my Poonapalooza Facebook page if you care to give it a look. It's 70% downloaded now, so it likely won't be up until tomorrow.  I'm heading to bed when I'm done this post. I have to be running by 5:30 am tomorrow. I have team meeting at 9:30 in Toronto,and there's always a lot of traffic on Wednesday mornings. I guess lots of workplaces have team meeting!  I won't be eating the banana bread until team meeting. If it's any good I'll share the recipe.  Egads! I just looked at the forecast. It's supposed to be -31 with the windchill tomorrow morning at 6am. That is just gross....

Top: My very painful and appropriately placed paper cut.
Bottom: Paleo Banana Bread!!!!


  1. Brrr! The polar vortex is missing us, thank goodness!

  2. Yikes! Safe travels in the cold. I've been wanting to make Paleo Banana bread for my daughter ( I don't eat the stuff). Hope your recipe worked out okay. :) I've been looking at one from George The Civilized Caveman.

  3. That bread looks good. What recipe did you use and is it nice? I love Banana bread :)

  4. BURR BURR BURR! I would be buried in bed under and electric blanket! BUURRR!

  5. Hi Leigh, you are tough, running in extreme cold and all that!! I thought maybe you posted a link to the Paleo Bread recipe here or on fb. I guess not :(

  6. On accepting compliments: When I was a teen I had a very hard time as well. My mother told me that she knew I felt awkward, but a compliment deserves a courteous reply. Example "Thank you, I like (them, it, my jeans, my hairstyle) too." I faked it for years until I actually meant it.
    Keep warm road warrior :)

  7. Love having those unexpected productive periods of time! For some people, taking a compliment comes naturally. I, however, definitely have an instinct to hide from them! I guess it takes practice -- Cute snow cheeks by the way ;)

  8. If it makes you feel better, I would've responded to Starbucks guy EXACTLY the same way. ;)

  9. Well, it seems like we run in similar conditions! My limit is -20 Celsius as it fear frostbite. Plus, I have asthma, and breathing cold air is not the best.
    I'm with you on the compliment thing. We need to learn to take them and say thank you, instead of minimizing them. Nobody sees our flaws but us! :-)

  10. That bread looks delicious... but that papercut.. ughhh made me cringe! I loathe papercuts, I'm a total baby when it comes to them! I loved the snow cheeks though, that's super cute. :D haha

    and thank you for your supportive comment, I'm having a rough time and it's comforting to know that people care :)

  11. Look at those fingers!! Also note that your thigh is only like 6 fingers across. Very nice. Can't wait till I have knuckles. :)

  12. Gosh your weather doesn't get any warmer does it. I'm sending you over another jumper to wear, the more layers the warmer you feel ? Maybe ! LOL

    Take Care

    All the best Jan