Sunday, January 26, 2014

The post about running, boredom, food and the drug LSD...not necessarily in that order

My POV while making dinner Saturday night.
I posted this on Twitter, that's how bored I was!

  • So this post promises to be gripping and attention grabbing. Not so much. I have little to tell you about my weekend.  I do promise to be a whiner and a killjoy in a few moments. Stay tuned. 
  • Yesterday was boring, boring, boring.  Weekly chores. I spent way too much time on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. That is all.
  • I did run 5K yesterday morning. It wasn't so cold, only -9C, but it was snowing pretty steadily. Made for a very slow run because I had to contend with blowing and drifting snow. I only had to wear two layers though. A nice change from the 4 layers I have been wearing of late. 

The temps from today's LSD, my pic from yesterday's run.

  • So here comes the whining part. My spirit is slowly crumbling. I am so done with winter it is not even funny. Now I know what you're all thinking. I should just join the gym and run on a treadmill. I ran on a treadmill once and all I thought the entire time was how much I hated running on a treadmill. I vowed never to do it again unless absolutely necessary. It's not the running I hate. It's the running in sub-zero temperatures that is getting to me. And I can never catch a break on my long run days. 
  • Today was cold (-21C with windchill) when I headed out for my 14K run and my feet were wet the entire time because I stepped in a slush puddle about 500m into my run. It sucked badly. Not only were my feet wet, but my toes cramped badly at 10K and the last 4K was spent running in some pretty substantial pain. It frustrated me so badly that I almost burst into tears when I got into my house. Prior to breaking my ankle, I was running much further distances before my toes would cramp (about 20K). Now I'm only running half that distance and I'm in pain. Makes me question my ability to finish the 30K at the end of March. I'm questioning my ability, but I'll never give up. I will still head out for my 16K next Sunday and deal with the pain because that's what I do. I pray that the temperatures will be warmer and that it won't snow again. I ran in snow both days this weekend and I am feeling it in my calves. I'm not feeling hardcore, bad ass or epic anymore. I'm feeling beaten up and abused. Mother Nature is a BITCH!
  • I ran 5 days in a row. Tomorrow is my rest day, but I'm tempted to run my 6K for Tuesday because Tuesday's temp is supposed to be -30C with the windchill. I may just rest, then suck it up on Tuesday and layer up. If I rest tomorrow and skip Tuesday's run, I'll have to make it up on Friday again which means another week of running 5 days in a row.  Runner problems!

My eats from the weekend. Clockwise from top left, sausage and chicken
, cappuccino made with unsweetened almond milk, turkey dinner with
rutabaga and sweet potato mash, sauteed red cabbage, cumin carrots.

  • A few people have asked about what I'm eating lately. Since it was a very slow weekend, I'll show you what I ate this weekend. I had a few sausages, I had a bit of chicken breast, so I put them together and made sausage and chicken ratatouille. Genius, I know.  I roasted a turkey today and made sides of sauteed red cabbage, sweet potato (and rutabaga) mash and cumin carrots. It was very yummy and very filling. After dinner I headed out to Domestique Cafe in Dundas to have coffee with Tanya. I ordered a cappuccino made with unsweetened almond milk. Paleo cappuccino!
  • I was in a mood yesterday. I spent the day staring at Julien's messy toy room and wanted to grab a garbage bag so badly and throw everything out.  That would have been wrong. So I restrained myself and opened some Merlot instead. Red wine makes everything better. The good news is that today he cleaned it up on his own. I did bribe him with a loonie ($1), but that is inconsequential. He got it done!

Yesterday and today...

  • I haven't mentioned him in a while, so I will tell you all that I'm thinking of Finn a lot lately. He's never far from my thoughts. Every night when I walk into my bedroom in the dark, I step over the place he would normally be sleeping. It's still a strange feeling to come home and not have him greet me at the door. I have two cats,but it is just not the same. They can both be prickly at times. Finn was just full of love for us. I miss my beautiful boy like crazy and it still feels surreal that he's not with us anymore. And no, I'm not getting another dog...
  • Other than my afternoon wine date with Elin, that pretty much wraps up my weekend. Boring! At least I got to see Elin and Tanya. Both those women rock and raise my spirits:) I'm off to bed. I'm tired and I have a meeting early in the morning. If I wake at 5am, I'll run. If I don't, I won't. Or maybe I'll consult my Magic 8-Ball. The answer? Outlook not so good:(

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!! Funny, but let's be clear that I'm
not suggesting anyone take drugs to lose weight!