Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The post about being unrecognizable, a happy day at physio and Rock'in Soul Wednesday

A cold run this morning!

  • I have been in the office for TWO days in a row! You all know how much I hate being in the office. And I had back to back to back meetings Tuesday, and back to back meetings today. I enjoy the people I work with, I just don't like being behind a desk all day...or in a boardroom. Tomorrow I'm in the community so that makes me happy.
  • I saw two people on Tuesday who should have recognized me but didn't. The first time was during a conference in a boardroom. I have sat in many conferences over the years with this woman.  She came in late, nodded at me and sat down. I could tell from the way she looked at me, she didn't know who I was. Once I was called on by name to speak, her head bolted up quickly and she stared at me for a good long while.  Later she came up behind me and told me I looked fabulous. Always nice to hear. 
  • The second time I was getting myself some lunch and I was walking along the street.  I saw a male colleague walking towards me and he was smiling real big at me, so I smiled back at him. I have known him since I was a student back in 1994. I assumed he knew who I was because he was smiling at me and had full on eye contact with me the whole time. As he got closer to me, I greeted him and he looked completely shocked that I was talking to him. I just kept walking because I realized he was actually checking me out.  When I got back to the office, I told my friend who is also friends with him and she called him up. When he answered the phone she just said my name and he started laughing. He admitted he didn't recognize me and said that I looked great.
  • Shit like this always gives me a boost of confidence. It's odd though too. I walk around work and see people in the halls and elevators who know me, but don't.  I forget that I look so different to others. Or people that have only met me a couple of times may say that they confused me with someone else. I know that there is no confusion. They just associate my name with my former self.

Graham is looking more and more like a 70's
porn star each week that I see him...

  • Today was a happy day at physio.  Graham did a bunch of strength tests on my ankle and he said that it is much stronger. He gave me the go ahead to run 5K on Friday morning.  So very excited. Only running 3K was getting very frustrating. I felt strong and good to go longer, but had to stop because I promised. I'm running 5K Friday and Sunday, then begin training for the Around the Bay 30K the week of the 25th. I'm just relieved that things are getting back to normal again.
  • Guess who I saw at 5:45am this morning? That's right, the little old lady and her dog (AKA the reason I broke my ankle). I was running down the middle of the road, so we didn't cross paths.  But it's dark and cold at 5:45am. Isn't she afraid of getting rolled? Trust me, there are unsavory characters out early in the morning in my neighborhood.  I know because I run by them!
  • I have a long commute to work. I get stuck in three different areas of traffic. Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto. To cut the boredom, I either a) listen to the Dean Blundell show on The Edge, or b) do a Rock'in Soul (insert day of week here). So today was Rock'in Soul Wednesday. During Rock'in Soul, I crank some rock'in tunes and sing and bop along like no one is watching me. I do this in bumper to bumper traffic, and I drive in the center lane. People do watch me. And I get a lot of smiles, thumbs up, nods. Sometimes people will motion for me to put my window down so they can hear what I'm listening to. I make a lot of eye contact and sometimes people will look away with a shy smile or pretend that they don't see me at all.  Today I got my very first finger. That's right, someone flipped me the bird. I have been doing this since early summer (minus vacation and my broken ankle of course).  This is the first finger I got. Oh well! Not everyone is a morning person. And I'll just keep boppin along!
  • It's early (for me), but I am feeling beat. Regardless of the fact that I don't have to run tomorrow, I will still be up at 5 am. So I leave you with the next installment of the Anniversary Series entitled I Love Buffaloes.  Who knew that there we so many Chinese restaurants in Fort Erie? Proceed to watch with caution. You will never get the 3:42 back that it takes to watch this video. Consider yourself warned!