Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The post about a cold run, Ombre and being married to Neil Young

I'm almost winking due to flash. Or my eye is freezing up.

  • Thanks to everyone for your awesome comments and messages about my first post-injury run.  It's so good to be back doing what I love. People have noticed a difference in my mood already.  I am happiest when I'm a runner.
  • That being said, I forgot how freaking cold it is at 6am in November.  It was minus 3 Celsius when I headed out for my run today.  I kept my run short.  And although my breathing was good, my pace was slower.  I can't over do it and push myself just yet. I'd love to, but I'm not going to be stupid about this.  I'm going to listen to what Graham (physiotherapist) tells me.
  • Speaking of Graham, he looks like a 70's porn star right now. He's observing Movember. I'm also not on speaking terms with him because he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear tonight.  That's right. I'm acting like a petulant child. I wanted to run 3K tomorrow morning and he told me no.  He also told me I couldn't run 5K on Sunday. He did tell me I could run 3K on Thursday, and could run 3K every other day for the next week and a half. Ok, I forgive him. At least he told me I could run.
  • I begin training for the Around the Bay 30K the week of November 25th.  I'm VERY excited.  This weekend I will work out my training schedule.  I need to buy another fridge calendar...
  • I am always super slow in adopting or understanding trends.  A few people have told me my hair was Ombre. Swear to God, I thought they meant hombre.  That's confusing right? Hombre is Spanish slang for man (ie: dude) and is English slang for homie or punk.  When I finally asked why my  hair was being called a punk, I was corrected that the actual word was Ombre.  Then I remembered seeing this a lot on Pinterest.  I just never knew what it meant.  Well, it means when the ends of your hair is lighter than the roots.  Apparently it was all the rage.  Now Cosmopolitan has declared the trend over. Harrumph!  Just when I get in the know, it's done.  Typical!  And just for the record, the only reason my hair is Ombre, is because I'm too broke/cheap to have it colored again. It was colored for the Steven and Chris Show at the end of last January which was FREE.  My hair will remain Ombre until it gets cut off.
  • I love Neil Young.  His voice makes me want to cry. And even though he's 25 years my senior and not a handsome man, I would marry him in a heartbeat. Looks aren't everything and I would make him sing to me all day long.  I still think he got robbed at the Oscars in 1993 when Bruce Springsteen won the Oscar for Streets of Philadelphia. Good song, but not as good as Neil's Philadelphia.  I'm gonna let that go now and just add that if I was married to Neil Young right now, I'd be living on a ranch in La Honda California baby!  And I wouldn't have Julien because I would be married in name only.  I think it's safe to say I'm really in love with Neil Young's voice. And this entire bullet is moot.  I would never give Julien up for anything!

The best photo I could find showing my Ombre hair.
I'm only Ombre by default!

  • I have not been drinking enough water over the past two days.  I feel bloated and it's so simple to get rid of the bloat.  Drink water!  Between the cheese and now the water? Sometimes it's like beating a dead horse.
  • I think I am becoming high maintenance.  Or my hair is anyway. I spend a good 30 minutes everyday drying and styling my hair.  And it's just straight.  You'd think I'd have elaborate hair-do's every day. Nope. The most elaborate I get is the sock bun. The sock bun made me think of the beehive. If it takes a sock to give a nice full bun, what in the name of Jehoshaphat did they use for the beehive? Ponder that.
  • So I spent $1000 on my car last week and another $500 on my husband's car this week.  That's $1500 to get them ready for the winter.  It's unfortunate that Julien will be unable to go to college.  But the good news is that I am financing the post-secondary educations of my mechanic's children.  Someone has to.
  • Welcome to my newest reader Cathy.  Thanks for your comment and I will check out the book you suggested - The Gifts of Imperfection. Best of luck to you on your journey!
  • Rosa asked me about my skin care regime.  She remembered from when I was on the Steven and Chris Show that Kristjan mentioned I had really good skin.  Sorry to disappoint Rosa, but my skin care regime is very simple.  Maybe too simple.  I have been blessed with good skin, and I reckon I have both of my mothers to thank for that. My birth mother for passing on such good genes to me, and my adoptive mother for instilling the importance of moisturizing daily from an early age.  I use the generic brand of Oil of Olay.  It's like $5 for a big bottle at Walmart.  I also wash my face every morning with a Dove bar soap. I do wear make-up, but I just use concealer (to hide blemishes), pressed powder, blush and mascara. I use Lypsyl on my lips unless I'm going out, then I'll apply color. All my make-up with the exception of the powder is Aveda because I got it for free from Kristjan.  I use Covergirl powder now because I ran out of the Aveda brand and Covergirl is cheaper.  I take my make-up off every night with a baby wipe. Pampers or Huggies, I don't discriminate and get what ever is on sale. That's it! Nothing fancy, no expensive products.  Just simple stuff.  Hope this helps!
  • Well, I'm off to bed hombres.  I leave you with the fifth video in the Anniversary Series entitled, You are Awesome. In this riveting segment, hubby realizes the astronomical feat he just performed by running a half marathon the week before and is bullied into saying he is awesome.  Enjoy.