Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The post about looking girly, running 1K and Christmas baking

  • So I made 23 video snippets while were away for 24 hours...that's not a very long time and I was definitely a bit camera happy. You get to see a snippet a post.  Lucky you. None of them are edited, although they should be.  They aren't too long.  Maybe a couple go over five minutes.  But even I have to admit, those are funny.  If you know me personally or have been reading me for a while, these may be more enjoyable for you.
  • In the video above, hubby and I discuss Nexus and the Canadian vs. American side of Niagara Falls. Just for the record, I love the US, but we definitely have more to do on our side of the Falls!
  • I was super busy at work yesterday.  I was in the office all day and was working pretty diligently, but by the time I left to head to physio, I felt like I got NOTHING done.  Hate days like that!
  • I wore a skirt to work yesterday.  I am so NOT girly.  I kept letting the skirt ride up to mid thigh while I was sitting down, forgot to cross my legs a lot and got a run in my tights.  Thank goodness I was wearing underwear yesterday!
  • When I get back from physio tonight, I have to start doing meal prep. I have lots of food lying around that needs to be prepared.  Stuff like beets, squash, turnips.  I`m having late nights until Friday.  Hubby`s not as talented in preparing these things and we need side dishes!  So I`ll be busy later.
Check me out in a skirt (actually a dress with a sweater over it). Michael is my official work
photographer and he always cracks me up!

  • At physio last night, Graham told me that I could do a short 1K run this weekend.  Just to try out the ankle.  I know it does't sound like much, but man do I ever need to run! Saying I'm a lot excited and anxious is an under statement.
  • I am nervous that I will feel pain when I run. I can`t be stupid about my running comeback.  I need to really listen to my body and if it doesn't feel right, I have to stop. I just hope and pray it feels right...
  • I can't believe it's already November and Christmas is just around the corner.  I give out baked stuff for gifts and like to have stuff on hand for guests.  Julien loves to bake with me, so we need to start getting busy!  My freezer's going to get full!
  • I am officially sick of eating out. I ate out all weekend, and have eaten out a couple times this week.  I have two more dinner meetings planned.  Nothing beats home made meals. 
  • This is a short post because nothing major happened over the past couple of days. Except that I have to have a ton of work done on my shit box of a car and hubby needs new brakes. I also hate having cars. They are a money burner! If I didn't have to have one, I wouldn't. That would save me a substantial amount of money every month. And sweet Lord, we have two! Good day all!