Thursday, November 7, 2013

The post about the Globe and Mail, men lying across my legs and Clifton Hill

  • I am annoyed.  I am featured in the Globe and Mail (and will be in the Life section of Friday's paper). I figured my blog would not get a shout out, but I am extremely annoyed that they did not mention Dr. Poon's clinic by name.  I saw the edited version of the interview and requested that the clinic be named because it is covered by our universal health care system and is therefore free to attend.  That could have helped many, many people.  I just saw the article posted on Twitter and they did not make the changes I requested.  Harrumph!  You can read the article here.
  • I also lost 132 pounds from Williamsburg to maintenance and got my running mileage to 26k before breaking my ankle...but that's not as important as naming Dr. Poon's clinic!!!!!
  • I had my ankle popped at physio the other day.  It was quite a production.  First Graham tried to pop it while Matt held my legs down, then Matt tried to pop it while Graham held my legs down. Needless to say, it hurt like the devil.  But I have better range of motion today.  No pain, no gain.
  • I have been sleeping so badly for the past month or so. I don't mind waking up at 5am if I have something to do (ie: run).  I am up well before dawn every single day and I have no where to go.  This will come in handy in a couple more weeks when I'm running in the pre-dawn hours again.  But right now, it is just cruel of Mother Nature to wake me:( I'm only averaging 4 -5 hours of sleep a night.

  • The above video shows hubby and I heading towards Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.  We also talk about how much money we're going to gamble at the Fallsview Casino later in the night.  Hubby is humiliated.
  • We likely had our last BBQ of the season today.  BBQ butterfly pork chops, mashed turnip and sauteed broccoli. Was super yummy.
  • Not feeling great about myself today.  Feeling pretty flabby and soft.  I suppose everyone feels like this once in a while.  I know that the brain takes a while to catch up with the body in regards to weight loss, but I'm tired of having a sucky self esteem.  It just shouldn't be this way.  I thank everyone for all their compliments.  You guys are awesome.  It makes me sad that I can't believe them...
  • And although I feel yucky today, this may not be the case tomorrow. I could feel like hot shit then. I have a bi-polar brain!  But at least I don't do crack...
  • Ugh! I got nothing else for you today.  Not feeling stellar and my stomach is acting up because, wait for it, I had cheese for lunch.  Will I never learn? Clearly not. I am a glutton for punishment.


  1. Question for you, Leigh. If you were me, and read how you are not feeling good about yourself, and know what we know, what would you tell Leigh? If Leigh wasn't you, but a friend, what would you say to her, about the person that she is?

    Be that friend to yourself, Leigh. :)

  2. Congrats on the article. It definitely is nice to see an inspirational story in the Toronto papers for a change :-).
    We all have those blah days. Even at my lowest weight last year, I had days where I felt the same as my heaviest day. Just remember how far you have come and how well you have done!

  3. Dr. Poon should pay you to be his spoke person. You have a pleasant voice that is easy on the ears and you are easy on the eyes as well (ha-ha). But seriously...maybe a career change could be in your future as a broadcast journalist.

  4. Kudos on the article...even if they didn't make your edits or name the look great and people will take inspiration from it.

  5. Yucky/hot shit--so my personality too! I really laughed when I read that. I'm either flying high or totally grumpy. Fortunately, it's mostly all up up up. :D

  6. Congratulations on the article!

  7. Congrats on the article. Words out on you, so you'll get the blog traffic even without the mention. People will want to know what worked for you...

    I've noticed that I feel much better when I'm not eating inflammatory food... but that it takes 1-2 weeks to get the tummy/gut thing straightened out. I'll bet if you stay clean on your food template, you'll feel better, too.

    I'm still getting comfortable with my post weight loss body at just shy of 2 years into maintenance. It's a process. Keep working through it.

  8. Congrats on the G&M article! Even though the journalist didn't do the best job, your message comes through.

    I hear you on the cheese... every few months I try and fail. Dairy is not my friend either.

    Good luck with your 1K this weekend. Hope a bit of running lifts you out of the dumps.

  9. Hi Leigh! I have been following you for a while now, but never commented thinking you are too BIG a STAR so you know you're GREAT! anyhow couldn't stop myself today-CONGRATS girl! You're above AWESOME! So glad I found your blog,(someone from Canada-lol)

  10. Congrats on the article and LOL for "at least I don't do crack"! Love your blog and your sense of humour. I'm so impressed with your successes.