Sunday, November 10, 2013

The post about my 1st post injury run, lots of meat and morning hair

  • Today was a super special day for me.  This morning I geared up and donned my runners for the first time since September 4th (when I broke my ankle). To say I was a bit nervous is an understatement. I was extremely anxious.  This is likely why even though I was only going 1K, I procrastinated.  I was scared that a) my ankle would hurt and I'd have to stop right away, or b) my heart would give up because I haven't run in over two months.  I am thrilled to report that neither of those things ended up happening. My ankle did fine, and although it took a few minutes, my breathing was much better than I anticipated.
  • I did a couple of loops around my block.  I actually ended up running 1.5K and felt really good.  I wanted to go further, but knew that I couldn't push it. I was really surprised at how steady my breathing was. And my pace was much better than I had expected. My 7:K pace was not too shabby, and I think I could have kept it up if I went further.  I will run again on Tuesday morning.  Maybe I'll add another loop around the block!
  • I'm going to take it easy for the next couple of weeks distance wise.  But I do begin training for the Around the Bay 30K Road Race the week of the 25th.  EXCITED! I almost feel normal again...

It's felt like forever since I've been in running gear...

  • My shins and arms are sore.  This is not from running but from walking Finn the other day.  He's a fast walker and I walked a good 5K with him fairly briskly.  We were on my favorite running trail and we were completely alone.  I let him off leash and he easily ran another 5K around me.  He is super fast! Missed walking with my boy:)
  • I went grocery shopping yesterday. I never go on a Saturday, but really wanted to get it over with.  I bought a ton of meat.  Hubby and I eat a lot of meat and I try to keep our grocery bill down to $500 per month.  That's $125 per week for a family of 3 whose main staple is lean meat and fish.  It can be done but takes a lot of planning and price matching.  The bad news is I spent $200 on food yesterday. The good news is that I won't have to buy meat for a few weeks.  I also got a good deal on eggs which always makes me happy!
  • Tonight we're having pork tenderloin with pepper squash and cumin carrots. I still have a 10 pound bag of carrots I need to use up.  When I buy veggies, I get what's on sale for the week.  Although I like peppers, we haven't had any for a couple of weeks because they haven't been on sale.  This week's sales included squash, broccoli, mushrooms and onions.  The carrots were from last week.

Finn and I enjoying the fall weather.  It was flurrying during our walk.

  • Thanks to everyone for all their kind words about the G&M interview.  I'm not so pissed about Dr. Poon not getting a shout out anymore.  My good friend Steve pointed out that it doesn't always have to be a plug for the diet.  Although I believe in the diet 100% and would encourage anyone to give it a go, my message is to inspire, no matter what plan you follow.  You do not need to do Dr. Poon's diet to get your desired results.  You just need to follow an eating plan that you can sustain for the long haul.  
  • Last week my brother-in-law and I were having a heart to heart and he asked me if I was surprised that I have not gained any weight over the past nine weeks. You know that old saying that diet is 80% and exercise 20% of weight loss/maintenance?  100% true.  I guarantee you that the only way I have not gained weight is because I have stuck to the eating plan.  I also gained a lot of confidence as a maintainer.  I had put all my success as a maintainer on running.  I'm relieved to learn that I can maintain while not running.  I am super glad to be back to doing what I love though.
  • A big thank you to Gwen for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. You are absolutely right! I need to be a friend to myself. I am very critical of myself.  More so now than I was when I was heavy. I hope I am not striving for perfection, because we all know that does not exist! And perfection is overrated and boring.  Weird the way the mind works.  And just for the record, my short run this morning really boosted up my spirits.  I know it's just a matter of a month or so before I'll feel a difference in my body from running.  Can't wait!
  • I have zero patience for oppression in any form. That is all.

This is for Elin and depicts why I  MUST wash my hair every. single. day.
Yup, that's the beauty of me every morning:)