Saturday, January 7, 2012

I've been tagged!

The beautiful Hyla has tagged me.  Thanks for the holla Hyla:)

Here are the rules:

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  2. You must post 11 random things yourself.
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11 Random Things:

  1. I was adopted at birth by a Polish mother and a Scottish father.
  2. I met my birth mother in 2010 for the first time.
  3. I am Native Canadian.  I'm half Ojibway and half something else (my birth mother says she doesn't know).
  4. I read trashy romance novels.  The trashier, the better:)
  5. I have 2 adopted brothers, 1 adopted sisters and 6 biological half-siblings.
  6. I have a dog named Finn, and 2 cats named Baby and Smitten.
  7. I went to high school with my husband.  We met when I was 16 and he was 15.
  8. Before I worked in social services, I went to school (Loyalsit College in Belleville Ontario) to be a photojournalist.  It really was not my calling but I met one of my best friends there:)
  9. Even though I'm excited about my new lifestyle, it scares me to think about reaching my goal weight.
  10. I used to travel (pre-husband) all the time.  I went on a plane about three times a year.  I haven't been in a plane since 1997.
  11. I've been to South Africa twice.  My brother used to live there and I went once for his wedding and once for Christmas.

Questions for me to answer:

1.How do you plan on meeting your goals this year?  Are they realistic?  If so do you have high hopes of meeting them and surpassing them?

Since I made really, really basic goals, I am quite confident that I will meet them this year.  Surpassing my goals could mean that I reach my goal weight.  This may or may not happen and I'm okay with that.  The only reason I want it to happen sooner than later is so I can stop buying clothes in different sizes and be able to work on my permanent wardrobe.

2.Are you looking forward to any big events this year?

This November will mark my 10th wedding anniversary.  My husband and I are hopeful that we will renew our vows.  Even if nothing official happens, I will still have a party and wear a dress of my choosing (see Love of my Life).

3. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?  LOL, I meant where would you like to be?

My husband constantly talks about relocating and we already relocated to Hamilton from Toronto.  He talks about Vancouver and he's really dreaming.  I like where I am now...but I would like to visit Vancouver, Scotland, Alaska, Europe, Fiji...

4.What is your favorite piece of comfy clothing?

Yoga pants.  They are my weekend staple.  

5. What is your favorite piece of "I feel hot!" clothing?

Not quite there yet...but I do like my size 16 jeans that I just bought at Walmart for $12.

6. Honestly, what are your thoughts on Facebook?

I used to be addicted.  I still go on daily, but rarely leave a "status" and can't stand it when people I'm friends with change their statuses hourly.  That's what Twitter is for people!

7. Have you ever done anything daring?  If so, what?

Although I knew my husband since high school, we didn't see each other for years and our union was quite unique.  We really rushed our courtship and basically lived together a couple of months after getting together.  

8.  What is your favorite book and author?

I have sooooo many favourite books.  My favourite author is probably Wally Lamb.  He only writes a book every few years but "I know this much is true" is definitely one of my all time favourites.  That and "To kill a mockingbird".  I never read books twice but I've read "To kill a mockingbird" more than twice.

9.  What is your favorite movie?

Two movies I can't switch from the TV if I stumble upon them are "Gone with the Wind" and "Grease".  That's right, I said Grease.  I still act like a complete fool when I watch it:)

10.  What is your favorite Disney princess or other princess?

I'd have to say Rapunzel.  Only because she's the most current one and I don't really want to think too hard about this question.

11.  Do you dream?  What about?

I dream about retiring with my husband.  We can relocate then.  The Muskokas are real pretty:)

This is a CRAZY amount of work!   Now I have to pick my tags and my questions to them.  Sheesh!

My 11 tags are:

11 questions for my tags:

  1. What was your favourite food when you were a child?
  2. What is one of your favourite quotes?
  3. What is your favourite body part?
  4. If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would it be and why?
  5. If you could chose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
  6. If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?
  7. What celebrity do you get mistaken for?
  8. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
  9. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
  10. What was the last experience that made you a better person? 
  11. What was the last movie, tv show or book that made you cry or tear up?