Thursday, January 5, 2012

I did it my weigh

I am officially 50 pounds lighter (from my start point in August 2011)!  I can't believe that I did this.  I have been a procrastinator my whole life, especially with my health.  I always knew I had to change my life style, but I did nothing to make my health better.  I have been down this road before.  About 13 years ago, I lost 100 pounds by doing the Dr. Bernstein diet.  I got three needles a week of vitamin B12 and basically starved myself to what was supposed to be a better me.  I was tired, sallow and didn't feel well.  You can probably guess what happened.  I gained everything back within a couple of years.  Not before I met my husband though.  He fell in love with the skinnier me.  By the time we were getting hitched, I had gained back all the weight.  He still married me and never told me that I needed to lose weight:)  He is the most wonderful man I know and I am thankful everyday that he is in my life.  He always made me feel beautiful, no matter what size I was.

So I'm a bit discouraged by going to the clinic I go to for my bi-weekly weigh-ins.  I have been losing on average, 5 pounds every other week, so that's 10 pounds per month.  Since I started this program on the 18th of September, I think the 38 pounds I lost on Dr. Poon is huge.  That's almost 40 pounds in 3 and a half months!  I don't believe I should lose more than 10 pounds per month.  Dr. Stephen has other ideas.  I lost 5 pounds over Christmas and he was looking through my food log critiquing every little thing I ate and commenting on the number of chicken thighs I ate at once (3).  This diet says I can eat protien until I am full.  If it takes three chicken thighs to fill me up, I'm allowed to eat three freaking chicken thighs!  He says I could be doing better and says that he wants me to be perfect.

Now I have been brought up to respect my elders and Dr. Stephen is an elderly man, but honestly, I lost my temper and told him that no one is perfect and that 10 pounds of weight-loss per month is fine thank-you very much!  I felt like he ever only has criticisms for me instead of saying, "great job keeping it together over Christmas".  This has not discouraged my weight-loss efforts, but it does make me not want to go back to the clinic. Dr. Stephen is a nice man but between the accusations of cheating and the pressuring me to lose weight faster, he's beginning to grate on me.  I guess I could see another doctor, but what if they're even more critical?

Phew, I needed to get that off my chest.  I feel better now and I know I will go back to the clinic in 2 more weeks.  It will keep me accountable and on track.  Some things are just meant to go in one ear and out the other and this is just one of those times!  I get tons of encouragement and kind words from everyone else around me, whether those others are physically in my life, or in my cyber space life.  The opinion of one doctor will not diminish my momentum.  Now lets all go and kick some major butt:) ARRRRRRGH!