Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic craziness!

Before I get into what my hubby thought was a little craziness on my part over the weekend, I thought I would share my sucky story from this morning.  I'm laying in bed around 6:45 am, contemplating getting out of bed so I can run 8k before heading off to work.  I can hear my cat going nuts.  She's doing the high-pitched meow that lasts 30 seconds, like she does when she sees another cat outside.  My dog is also whining at the bottom of the stairs and I just assume that they are reacting to some animal in the yard.  I also hear a bike out front and a couple of men talking.  Not uncommon because it's garbage day and many people look through recycling for bottles and cans to return to the beer store.

Anyway, I get up, brush my teeth, dress in running gear, and come downstairs to get my shoes and head out for my run.  As I'm sitting on the coffee table putting on my runners, I notice our gate is open.  I look out and of course someone stole my husband's bike. And the worst thing is, I listened to it happen 20 minutes earlier!  Man that SUCKS!  Enough already, I have to move on. But nothing is more heart breaking than listening to your 4 year old cry because he and daddy won't be able to ride bikes anymore...and I have no money to replace the bike right now.  Poor Jules!

So I woke up on Sunday morning at 5am to go to Domestique Cafe in Dundas, Ontario to watch the Men's Marathon on the Olympics.  We had three Canadians running in the marathon.  Dylan Wykes (placed 20th), Eric Gillis (placed 22nd) and Hamilton's own Reid Coolsaet (placed 27th). Reid had a tough run.  You can read about it on his blog FLOAT ON.  Although Canada didn't get a medal, and I actually didn't even get a glimpse of a Canadian runner, it was still a great experience and I had a blast.  Afterwards, we (we were all runners) went to the Running Room for 8:30am and did our Sunday practice run.  We made the local news, but I don't get the Hamilton station, so I never saw it.

Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda won the marathon with a time of 2:08:01.  Forty-two point two kilometers in two hours and eight minutes?  That's insane!  When he crossed the finish line, I got a little emotional.  Just seeing the joy on his face choked me up and it made me truly appreciate the dedication and hard work of these athletes.  Also made me want to have a good run! Truly inspiring! Just in case you're wondering...I DID NOT eat the cookies.  I had 2 cups of coffee and a protein bar.  After our run, Beverly and I went to Wimpy's Diner and had omelets.  A good morning overall:)

Very cool cookies!
Great crowd to hang with:)
I'm back to work for one week, before I'm off for two more again.  I have eaten out twice already. Yesterday I went to Swiss Chalet and had a half roasted chicken with a Greek salad side, and today I went to the Mandarin and had a ton of grilled chicken, flank steak and lots of veggies.  I ate till I was full and did not eat dinner because I'm still not hungry and it's 7:45pm.  It's easier to drink water when I'm working because it's part of my daily routine.  I tend to drink less when I'm home because I forget to!  I was glad to get back to work for the week.  I needed a little vacation from vacation.  We do have fun stuff planned for the last two weeks before school starts.  We'll likely go to the CNE, Safari Niagara, Storybook Gardens, and of course, we're going camping.  So lots of fun still to be had!


  1. That just SUCKS about the bike!! Ugh - is that covered under home insurance or renter's insurance by any chance?

    1. It's not worth it. My deductible for my home insurance is more than the bike is worth. I told my hubby to lock it up. We have a shed with a deadbolt, but men are sooooooooo stubborn!

  2. That is unfortunate. When thieves steal, it robs us of something even more valuable than the possessions. Our sense of security. When I think of Canada, I don't think of things like this. I've lived in very high crime areas with all kinds of crime horror stories I won't share. Now I live in a podunk town where the city airport long term parking lot is two dollars a day and you are on the honor system to put your money in the wooden box at the end of the parking lot as you exit. I get a little too relaxed because of the slow pace around here. Well, it's my turn to watch the grass grow - later:)

  3. So sorry to here about the bike... ERRRR.

  4. That sucks about the bike! I seriously don't understand thieves...I don't understand what goes on in their heads that makes them think it's OK to steal from other people!

    I can't get up at 5 a.m. to run a race, much less watch one. :)

  5. that sucks about the bike.....
    The olympics have given me a total new respect for athletes and how much they understand there bodies that they can get to where they are...total inspiration. I tear up at the finish lines too because I can only imagine the joy they are feeling!

  6. Thank you for your encouragement! Seriously.

    Yes, you're right - hearing your little one cry is heartbreaking :(

  7. Sucks that your husbands bike was stolen...must be a creepy feeling to know someone was snooping around your house...me no likey :(

  8. Sorry to hear about the stolen bike. Also that your child was disappointed about not being able to ride with Daddy.

  9. Same thing happened to us once...our pup was at the front window making a commotion but he does this whenever there is a dog in the street...come to find out, my husband's truck was broken into about that time. We vowed to always listen to him from then on.

    I tried to watch the marathon but it was on much earlier here. I woke up and watched a bit of the middle of the race. Saw two of three runners from the US drop out and then fell back to sleep. I wish I could have seen the end of it.