Tuesday, August 7, 2012

There's no crying in running!

Taken this morning at the beginning/end point
of the rail trail. This is after my 8k and that is a pained
 grimace you see on my face.
This morning I ran 8.2 kilometers.  That's 5 miles to my American friends.  This is considered my long run for the week.  In a couple more weeks, I should be able to move up to 9k.  Not too shabby.  I bought technical running socks.  They are super expensive and the only reason I purchased them now, is because of my employee discount at the Running Room.  I have worn cotton up until now, and have been told that I am lucky because I have gotten away with cotton for so long.  Since cotton holds in moisture, it causes chafing and blistering when running or doing any kind of physical activity.

On Sunday, I put on my new socks and went for a run.  I found that they were very slippery and I actually had to use the eyelet holes in my runners for the first time ever.  Using the very top holes and crossing your laces through bunny ears, causes your heel to stay put and therefore is supposed to prevent slippage.  It does work, but I could still feel some discomfort on the second toe of my right foot.  Yesterday I only ran 2k with my Learn to Run clinic.  I was exhausted yesterday and needed to go to bed at 10:30pm.  I was going to take Finn for our nightly walk, but just couldn't do it.  I needed a day of rest.  And I knew I was going to do my long run in the morning.  Plus, Finn got to swim at the beach for 2 hours, so he was well exercised.

So back to this morning...I put on my technical socks, lace up using my eyelets and head out to the escarpment trail near my house.  This is the trail where the first 4k that I run is all up hill.  The elevation actually changes from 50m to 141m.  So that's an incline of  91m or just under 300 feet. Anywho, I'm running and I can feel my second right toe rubbing...in my uber expensive technical socks.  By the time I get to the 6k point, I sort of want to start sobbing, but I refuse to stop because I only have 2k left to go.  I finally finish with a less than stellar time, and hobble home to find this.
I know, I know I need a pedicure.  Big blister,
top left on second toe.
It was a joy to burst and I'm really not sold on the technical socks right now.  Maybe I need to try a different brand.  I got talked into fairly expensive ones, but I'm gonna check out the cheaper Adidas brand I had my eye on.  The socks I wore up until now were Anne Klein sport socks that I got at Marshall's for super cheap.  I never got blisters in them.  I need to rectify this situation stat because with my regular runs, plus my clinic runs, I ran over 30k (18.6 miles) last week.  And I walked 36k (22.3 miles) with my pooch.  That's a lot of mileage.  And I need to be blister free.

We spent yesterday afternoon at the beach and were lucky enough to find a fairly secluded spot. Key when you have a dog with you.  It was also a holiday, so people were enjoying the beautiful sunshine in full force.  I played with Finn for most of the time while hubby played in the water with Jules.  We only stayed for a couple hours because I had to get back home to prepare for my Running Room clinic.  Fun was had by all and now I'm preparing a picnic because we're going to Wild Waterworks, a water park near our house.  I'm going for 4pm, because it's 1/2 price and I'm preparing our dinner, because they sell crap food there.  If I don't plan ahead, then I plan to fail!  Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!
Finn doing what he loves best!
Hubby and Jules in the background.

Hubby and Jules enjoying the water.
If you look closely in the distant right,
you can see Toronto.

My walking partner.  Isn't he handsome?