Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is that a bouncy ball in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

I had a whirlwind few days!  Sunday we spent the day at Niagara Falls.  I know, I know.  What were we thinking going there on a Sunday?  Well since we weren't going on any of the touristy attractions, it wasn't so bad.  It was Jules's reward day for taking all of his antibiotics.  He wanted to play games in the arcade and go on some virtual rides.  He had a blast, and I'm  a hundred bucks poorer.  C'est la vie!  So here are some pics of our day.  Fun was had by all!

Me in front of the Horseshoe Falls.
Why my husband shot such an awkward pose is beyond me!
And there is a bouncy ball in my right pocket!
Freaky looking kid, I know!  My husband insisted that I snap this shot of us in a mirror.
He thinks we look like "skinny" people.  Not quite, and I'd rather be fit!

Elvis getting his beads together.
Elvis waiting...

Getting ready to go-cart!
Doing what he loves best:)

So I ran my first 8k yesterday morning.  I am pleased to announce that I am now a good morning runner.  I can get out of bed, dress, brush my teeth, drink a glass of water and head out the door for a run.  The key is that I eat and hydrate well the day before.  Then I can do crazy things like run 8k at 7:30 am!  It was exhilarating and painful.  The run told me that I needed new shoes.  I was wearing my Brooks Adrenaline GTS.  They are woman's sizing (11) and a few times they have made my toes numb and my soles sore.  I also have a pair of Nike Dart 9 in men's sizing (9.5).  I know, I have HUGE feet.  Something I'm not too pleased about.  The Nike's have always been my comfier shoes and the ones I usually wear to run races in.  Sadly, they are also the first shoes I started running with and are ready to retire.

So anyway, my feet are big and wide.  My normal shoe size is 10 women's, but you should get your running shoes a size bigger because your feet swell when you run.  If your toes are touching or very close to the tip of the shoe, you will also get bruised nails before your time.  I envisioned my feet getting slimmer as I lost weight, but no such luck.  They are wide wide wide.  So I went to the Running Room today and got fitted for an new pair of shoes.  Check out my new ride!

Saucony Ride 5.  Men's shoes!

That's right I bought dude shoes.  You know why?  The women's sizing is too narrow for my feet and that is why my feet go numb on long runs.  So sad that I can never purchase a bitch'in pair of purple shoes...but comfort is more important.  It was a toss up between these and Brooks Pure Cadence.  They were lime green!  I did my first run in them this evening and they ran like a dream. I also bought a proper fuel belt and pouch for my android so I can continue to track my runs on my Nike+Running app.  I love that thing! I ran over 100k in the month of July.  I didn't track about 4 of my runs, so that number would actually be more like 120k.  I'm really getting up there in mileage. Thank goodness for my employee discount at the Running Room!  I'll need another new pair of shoes in no time!

My very grown up looking fuel belt.  Ran with it tonight and it
will take a bit of time getting used to.

Yesterday my girlfriend and her two children from Salt Spring Island, BC came to spend a couple of days with us.  It was a lot of fun and I've really missed her.  It was good to catch up and it felt like I just saw her last week as opposed to last year!  Kiran is training for a 1/2 triathlon, so we got to run together twice.  I took her to my clinic on Monday night and we did a quick 4k tonight just before my husband drove her back to her family in Toronto.  It was with a heavy heart that I said goodbye.  Hopefully next year, we can go out her way for a visit.  Salt Spring Island looks gorgeous!

We both look a little crazy!  It was HOT and HUMID
and we just finished running 4k.  Good times:)


  1. I am cursed with big feet too. Had to buy men's shoes for the width. However... I do feel like my feet may be shrinking a bit. Thanks for the tips on buying shoes... will have to keep that in mind for next time! Congrats on the 8K!

  2. So you want purple running shoes eh? And now you wear mens running shoes? Well Nike has them here at this link:
    There are most likely other websites that also offer them, unless you are just buying local or a specific brand.
    Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for spreading it around:)

    1. Sadly I have tried on the Nike Free + 2 and they were not the shoe for me. Not enough support for my liking. But thanks for finding me purple men's shoes Marc:) I think you should get a pair. They'd be perfect for jumping rope. Nice and light!

    2. I do shoes, but not in purple, thank you. Last time my wife and I were in San Francisco we saw a young man get on the train with his purple suit and purple tie, purple hair, purple shoes and purple bike. Maybe he was some kind of local celebrity, I don't know. Maybe he was purple on purpose. (ha ha) It is my wife's favorite color though. She has plenty of purple outfits.

  3. I hear you on the numb feet feeling! Nike's ALWAYS do that to me and any shoes for the first couple of wears will do it too. I've been happy with New Balance as a brand (in general) and find that while often they are available in wide, even their regular sizing is wider than some other brands. This is coming from another wide footed female! Those Saucony's do look fast! Good choice and good job on the early morning run. The first step outta bed is definitely the hardest.

  4. I need to get myself a new decent pair of workout trainers. Good shoes make such a difference.

  5. Yes! I have finally met someone who has big ass feet like me!! I also rock out a size 11!!!! It does make shoe shopping in general really hard. Forget about finding a decent pair of heels. The only store I can ever find dressy shoes in that are big & wide is actually Payless.

    Love the pictures, you look fit & trim!! Congrats on running your first 8k

  6. You are making memories with your son. Priceless. And with your weight loss you feel like doing it. I waste a lot of money but I figure while I am young enough to do things and still have some sense left :-) I am going to get out there and do things. Looks like all of you had some good family time. Take care.

  7. I always wanted to go out in the morning to run but there is something stopping me, I guess one I was never a runner and second of all I'm always nervous running were cars are driving by. I always think there thinking this girl can't run or oh look she is stopping again!!!! Any ideas on how I can start to run on my own?????

    1. Hi Michelle, Check out my previous post entitled Running 101.
      It talks about how you can get started running. Discusses two programs, the one I teach through the Running Room (LTR) and Couch to 5k (C25K). There's also another one called Ease into 5k which I've heard good things about. Most important thing about running...get fitted for proper shoes at an actual running store. Makes a huge difference. Thanks for reading Michelle.

  8. love me some new running shoes! yes I have the big feet too

  9. Glad to hear your opinion on the shoes. My daughter is interested in running, always has been, but she doesn't have proper shoes and I get afraid of her hurting herself. I've looked up these and a couple thank for the lil' review.

  10. I love running in the morning. It sets the tone for my day. I also want some hot pink or purple running shoes...but haven't found ones with the proper stability for me. I think they should sell some sort of paint kit that you can make your shoes your own design. I would be into that.

  11. haha. you should've pawned off that bouncy ball as a big wad of cash instead. I would've never known. ((winks))

  12. I have a wide foot too... so I know how hard it is to get shoes that are comfy.
    Your new sneakers look great.
    Love all the photos.

  13. It's good to see your son out and about again. I don't have children but I have total admiration for anyone who can parent in times of stress and worry. Glad you enjoyed your day out.