Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stryker Dundas Cactus 5k

The Medal!
Today I ran the Stryker Dundas Cactus5k.  What a fabulous race and morning!  I got to experience my hubby's first race ever.  He did a commendable 38:54 gun time, and 38:46 chip time. That is great for a virgin race, especially since he only started running June 3rd.  I'm very, very proud. Check out our post race after-glow:)
I should have fixed his medal before pictures!
My gal Beverly was out in full force.  She has been feeling like utter shite of late as there is a virus going through her house, but she ran and did a bitch'in job.  Made a new PR for herself...a sub 35 minute 5k.  She killed it!  I could see her about 50 meters ahead of me the whole way.  She's a real trooper!  Love this girl:)
Truly, she's sick. doesn't look it though...
'cos she just got a medal!
My race was very good.  I got a new PR.  36:09!!!!!!!!!!! That's 1:41 better than my last chip time. My goal was to do a sub 37 race and I delivered baby.  There was even a hill at the end thrown in for good measure.  No matter...I killed it!  I'm very happy with my result.  My next race is the Bright Run on September 8th.  It's not chip timed, but there is a medal.  I'll track with my Nike + Running App, and it will be unofficial, but we'll see if I can do a sub 36 for the next 5k.
Three running amigos:)
Again, my hubby's medal is killing me!
Yesterday, my running gal Pauline left to go back to Paris.  It was fabulous meeting her and I also met a young lady named Emiko from Japan through Pauline.  Emiko is returning to Japan next month.  Pauline will be missed.  She was a lovely young woman and I truly enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her better.  She has invited me and Beverly to Paris to run a race.  For me, that won't happen for a bit of time yet.  I need to save up for that!  But it would be tons of fun none the less.  Looking forward to it!

Pauline hosted a really lovely brunch the day she left.  She put a lot of work into it and I felt bad though...due to illness and other engagements, only my family was able to attend, and she made tons of food.  And I couldn't eat most of it!  My hubby made an admirable job of making a dent into the buffet she served.  I could only have a bit of fruit, some turkey, and tossed salad!  No worry though, hubby made off with a great doggy bag and Emiko is left with enough food for the rest of the week!  Au revoir Pauline!  My life is fuller because I met you:)
The delicious French spread Pauline made!

Me, Pauline and Emiko.
I have awesome people in my life.  I went to one of my very best girlfriend's baby daughter's first birthday yesterday.  Sharon is going to give my hubby a mountain bike to replace the one that was stolen.   What a fantastic thing to do for us.  Her hubby has two, and he's willing to part with one. They are fabulous, self-less people and have an adorable daughter to boot!  Very picture heavy post 'cos I have to include some shots of my hubby coming over the finish line!
Almost there!

Running across the finish line.
Way to crush it baby:)